Welcome Vincent Karl Rickard Bretter-Molin

He has finally arrived, our little Prince Vince. He was born on Friday 12th at 03.25 in the morning. Weighing in at 2760 g and 50 cm long, and of course the most beautiful baby we have ever seen. He has a lot of blond hair and big blue eyes.

It started with us going back to the hospital on Wednesday night to have another CTG and Dopplersonographie/Ultrasound. We finally got some good values and were able to go home. We were told to come in on Friday if we felt worried, otherwise Monday would be fine. On the way back we stopped and got Kebabs with strong sauce at the train station (really good ones). Bookie did not feel like eating his when we got home (it was almost midnight), so as nice as I am I ate his as well… About 3.30 in the morning the contractions started. First 30 min apart, and by 7 in the morning they were about 15 min apart. We took it easy, I had a shower and then we headed for the hospital Voitsberg LKH.

We arrived and they checked me, only 1cm open, and the contractions that were now only 10 min apart were not “real” contractions, just so called “pre-contractions”…Though I tell you the pain was real… So we went for a walk in the city, had some ice cream, climbed some stairs, and the pain kept increasing… Still no “real” contractions. At this time, I was seriously considering faking the CTG test (it measures contractions by how hard your stomach is getting, so you can push it down and get a higher value), I figured that would not make Vince come out faster and decided not to… At 13.00 they gave me some hormone that would hopefully open the cervix faster. It did not. At 10 that night there was no change in the situation, still 1 cm and the “fake” contractions were 1 min apart. I was not able to stand, sit, lay, talk or sleep… I.e. uncomfortable. The nurse (who was awesome) looked me in the eyes and said:

-Frau Molin, sie haben keine richtige wehen, es ist nur vorwehen.

(Ms. Molin, you do not have any real contractions, they are only pre-contractions)

At this point it was very close that I hurt her. I was in to much pain to move though, and thankfully I did not. The dr’s told Bookie he could go home and sleep as this could take a while, maybe Friday, maybe Saturday or maybe Sunday. I told him he better stay, and of course he did… I also got some yummy juice in my veins that allowed me to sleep and dream funky dreams. I dreamt I was a Sony Ericson cell phone and when I spoke my buttons lit up…

After an hour or so I woke up from the pain that was now really strong. And I begged to get my epidural 🙂 So they started preparing for it, even though I was only 2 cm dilated at this time. I also got some great stuff that turned my so called fake contractions off. The anesthesiologist came and numbed my back… And thank God he did… The first 10 attempts to put the needle in my back failed. He told me he would do one more try, and if it did not work, I could not have the epidural. At this time I almost broke down in tears. I also told the nurse (the great one, who I earlier felt like punching, but now I think should have the Nobel price in medicine – at least) that if that is the case, the baby is not coming out. But it worked. And it was a lifesaver. I STRONGLY RECOMEND IT TO ANYONE GIVING BIRTH!!! Again I could breath, relax and sleep a little. Next time I woke up it was a little after 3 am, and I was now 9 cm dilated. It was time to start pushing. Ok, this hurt. A lot. Even with the epidural. And I was sure I was going to burst down to my knees (which i did not). But only 15 min later our little miracle was there and laying on my stomach. A head full of blond hair, screaming and we were so happy. A healthy little baby that we had waited for so long. Our little Prince Vince. We both fell in love with him immediately.

The last thing you have to do is press out the placenta. And you need to do it pretty fast, or you can get some kind of poisoning. My placenta decided to stay inside, and I lost a lot of blood. The placenta had grown to the uterus, so it was time to go back to Candyland i.e. a full narcosis was needed, and I had to remove it by surgery. But that went fine, Vincent stayed with Bookie during this time, and I woke up around 6.30 in the morning.

But now someone needs a little attention, I will continue later today.

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