Translocation Trisomy 21/Robertsonian Trisomy 21

One of the cool things of being the blog owner is that you can see all the search terms people put in to get to your page. I have found that a few times every week people find my blog by searching for Translocation 21, Translocation 21;21, Robertsonian Trisomy, Chances of Having a baby with DS with Translocation Trisomy etc.

I would really love to get in contact with more families that have Translocation Trisomy 21! I so far only met 2 people world wide (Hello Melvin and Quinn) with the same type of T21 as Vince. He has the Translocation Trisomy 21,21. I already posted this, but on my old blog. But I find it interesting and I am posting them again. If you look at Bookie’s and mine, you can see that we have just two little dots (that would be chromosomes) by the number 21. On Vincent’s chart you can see that one of the chromosomes is bigger than the other on the 21st, that is because two of chromosome 21 has grown together (creating a little bit more than one chromosome) and then there is another 21 chromosome next to it. That is all it is Translocation Trisomy 21! That tiny little extra chromosome which brings so much extra love. Pretty neato!

Here is Bookie’s, only two tiny chromosome 21, no extra one in case any other breaks…

Here is mine, no extras for me either…

Here is the set up of Prince Vince’s chromosomes, good thing he has one extra chromosome!

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  1. What a good idea putting up the Chromosome charts. The genetics were very difficult to grasp at first, but now I feel I have a competent understanding of Translocations. I know what you mean about seeking out people with the same condition. For me it is the combination of the DS and and IS. Speaking of which, if you happen to meet that other parent of the kids who had DS and IS, please pass on my contact details, I would like to hear how they are going.

  2. These are fascinating images. It always amazes me to see a karyotype.

    I know someone on the Downsyn board who has a child with translocation. If you email me, I can connect the two of you if you like. 🙂

    Unless you already know her. Her daughter’s name is Payton she is a beautiful little girl that just turned one.

  3. Also….Jo, there are a number of parents with children with DS and IS on the downsyn board as well. then click on Forum. You can do a search for IS, translocation, anything your heart desires really. I suggest you both check it out when you have time.

  4. I was just going to suggest the same thing as Rebecca going onto the DownSyn forum… here’s a couple of threads about translocation t21

  5. So cool to see…

  6. Wow, I feel like I should take ya’ll out to dinner now that I’ve seen your chromosomes! Ha ha!

  7. Christina, I don’t know whether you know the book I have published “Außergewöhnlich” (you’ll find a link on my website), but the charming little boy on page 31 has Translocation 21 as well. Just drop me an e-mail if you’d love to contact them. It’s a wonderful family!

  8. It is pretty neat to see! We also have Kayla’s, but they never did one on Joe and me.

  9. I know quite a few carriers, and I know, I know someone with the same translocation as you. I can’t remember who it is, but I will look into it. I have met another person whom is a carrier and they are now pregnant with triplets (unknown if any of them have DS).

  10. I’m a dork. I just realised your not a carrier!! lol I guess I need to read better.

  11. My son has 21:21 translocation. He actually was developing extremely well. He knew his alphabet by 18 months, was speaking in two word sentences at 2 years old, potty trained at 2 1/2 etc. Around 2 1/2 he started to regress and has been in a state of regression for the past two years. The doctors have been trying to find out what is causing this as it is not Down Syndrome, since children with Down Syndrome do not lose . The doctors at the children’s hopsital of Philadelphia are on his case right now and hopefully will figure it out. It is not autism but they are thinking rather that it is some sort of metabolic or digestive issue. Someone mentioned IS…. what exactly is this?

    • Hi Jenifer, Don’t know if you are still around? My daughter Lottie born in July 2010 with Translocation 21:21 was also doing great until around 4 months then she seemed to regress. As she was so young it was only really me that seemed to notice it and it was put down to all the activity of Christmas and her having lots of colds. No one else thought much of it but she had started rolling over frequently then suddenly stopped and didn’t do it again until 7 or 8 months. She also seemed to stop making eye contact. I felt like I had ‘lost her’ for a couple of months. I was just wondering whether you got anywhere with the doctors regarding your sons regression?

  12. Sorry…meant to say that children with Down Syndrome do not lose their skills, but rather continue to progress.

  13. HI!!!
    Wow, I can’t believe it!
    My son has Translocation 21:21!
    We live in Florida. He is 18 months old now.
    PLease feell free to contact me.

  14. […] you want to see what a Translocation 21;21 kariyotype looks like, click here. In short, if you are a carrier of T21;21 there is a 100% chance of all your babies having DS. […]

  15. My son has translocation 21/14 but I love the fact that our sons have the same name, Vincent! Just wanted to say hello!

  16. Hi there

    Our son Ciaran also has T21:21, so now you know of someone else with the same type in Ireland :o)

  17. Hej 🙂
    Our beautiful 5 year old Luna also has T21:21.
    Please do get in touch if you’d like… we also have another thing in common since I’m a Finn living in Italy.

    • our three months old angel also has translocation 21;21 she is very cute i am indian living in italy

  18. My daughter has translocation trisomy 21, but it is 21:14
    After over 1000 hours on google and the internet, I am starting to take on the title momologist! Wynter is my second child and has been very outside the box with most everything, praise God! Can I ask you if you have ever had his IGF1 tested? This is one of the things that I am starting to investigate…Tif

  19. Count us in the translocation club, too! Our princess Maggie, now age 9, has 46,XX(21;21)(q10,q10) just like your prince. We’re in Virginia, USA.

  20. My 4-year-old has Down Syndrome. His karyotype is marked t(21;21). I have been trying to get information on this form of Down syndrome but drew a blank. One web site said t(21;21) didn’t ever occur. I’d be grateful for any information.

  21. Hi Christina! I was wondering if I could borrow your chromosome charts for a presentation I am doing on Downs Syndrome? It would be very much appreciated to help me explain translocation! I am a 2nd year student midwife in Aberdeen in Scotland. Thank you!

  22. Hello,

    My son also has 21/21. It looks very similar to your sons typing. I would love to chat sometime!

  23. Hi,

    My son, Ayden, was born with Translocation 21/21 on April 6, 2007. Since then I have gone back to school for my Ph.D. in genetics. It seems that the once rare 21/21 isn’t so rare after all. If anyone has any questions or perhaps any research information, I would love to hear from you. Take care.

    • Hi, my 2 month old baby was diagnosed with Trisomy 21 (translocation type) der(15;21).
      Would like to have more information, please help!

  24. Hi Christina

    My name is Bonnie and my daughter has translocation 21/21. You are the first one, other then Jenny I have heard of. There’s not much information on translocation, except that it is usually inherited, but as I see, you and your husband were not the carriers either. My ex and I were tested and neither of us were carriers, we were told that it happens sometimes. Of course that was 23 years ago.

  25. my little boy Jaxson has translocation trisomy 21. I remember when he was born they said it only happened in about 3 percent of downs kids. And 2/3 of those were genetic. Only 1/3 was just a fluke. So Jax is 1/3 of 3 percent, pretty crazy. I don’t know anyone who has translocation

  26. Hi
    We have non identical twin boys who were born in sep 2006. Ethan has a translocation 21/21, Seth is a typical child. Myself and my husband have a typical chromosome pattern.
    Both boys are fantsatic.
    Ethan is having difficulties in all areas of his development compared to his peers and 18 months ago it was suggested that he may be autistic too. Has anyone else with a child who has a translocatin 21/21 experienced the same with their development?

  27. Hi there, 9 months ago our little girl was born, she has a robertsonian translocation 21;21. She is doing quite well. How is your little one?

  28. […] Translocation Trisomy 21/Robertsonian Trisomy 21 (incl. karyotype of […]

  29. Hello, i cam across your blog because my daughter also has Translocation 21/21 Trisomy. I wanted to say hello, so you can add another one to your world wide list.

  30. Hi
    I have just become engaged to a woman not from the US who has twin girls, one with trisomy 21. The father of the twins had 5 out of 5 pregnancies with his previous wife (not my fiancee) all with trisomy 21. My fiancee does not know if it is a Robertsonian 21:21 but it sounds highly probable to me. My biggest concern now is that the ‘normal’ twin must be a carrier and would likely have a near 100% chance of all offspring having trisomy 21 also. What do you all think about this?

  31. Thanks for any replies to my above post!

  32. My Daughter Lottie has Translocation 21:21 too. We’re in England. She’s just one and doing well so far. One more for the list!

  33. […] Translocation Trisomy 21/Robertsonian Trisomy 21 (incl. karyotype of […]

  34. Thanks for posting about translocation 21. We have an eight-year old son who also has T21. In his case, he has a little extra lovin’ on his 14th chromosome. He’s been a fantastic blessing and a wonderful advocate for people with Down syndrome and those who love them.

  35. I have just found that my 15 days baby girl (razan) has translocation (21;21) DS. So we are going to have genetic test for me and my husband to know if one of us is a carrier. I have an older child which is normal.

  36. I have my baby girl Irene born with downs(21/21) i wasent told til 10 minutes after i gave birth first mad angry just everything all in one but Irenes the best thing ever shes the first baby for us so we are are worried that one of us might be the carrier we are about to have genetic test done and we just pray for everything to go well.Wish all the parents the best for them and the little ones too take care to all.

  37. My son 15 has translocation 21, 21 at break points (22,22) he’s doing really well.

  38. Hi Prince Vince! My 2 yr old baby boy Vondan also has translocation down syndrome. Please email me so we can connect. I discovered your blog when I googled translocation. I also do not know any other parents with ch.ildren with translocation DS

  39. Thanks to everyone for giving additional DS information. 🙂

  40. My 3 month old daughter was diagnosed with T21 at birth. After doing a karyotype we found out she has translocation T21.

  41. I gave birth to a baby boy one month ago who also has translocation 21,21. I know that this specific translocation is quite rare. I would like to connect with other parents who have children with the 21,21 translocation. Thanks.

  42. 46xx,rob(14;21) pls explain me

  43. Our beautiful angel was diagnosed with 46 xx der(21:21) q(10:10) and so far is showing little to no physical characteristics of DS. She’s very strong extremely alert and was lifting her head at 2 weeks which has shocked everyone. My concern is her development and I know a few people have mentioned autism associated with translocation of 21. I would just like to know how others have developed and if there has been any regression. She’s 4 weeks by the way.

  44. If you are still updating this, I would love to hear from you. Our little Abby was born this week and has the 21;21 translocation. I was just hoping to touch base with another family and get more info.

  45. I know this is old but I just came across it. My daughter Abbi has the translocation trisomy 21 having the 21;21. 2 long arms of 21 attached. I’ve searched over the years for others like her and this is the first I’ve found. She’s 9. How exciting.

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