Hamstering Up

On good ol’ Styrian food and friends. A day at the vineyard Krainerhof outside Lannach, is a given on any of our Austrian trips, a tradition dating back to the beginning of our history in 2003.
Käferbohnen with pumkin seed oil dressing.

Eds and Mr B sharing a cheese plate and fresh pressed apple juice

The hills.

Driving home on the Autobahn between Graz and Vienna in the night brings back many memories. I have driven there many times. After Mr B and I first met, I was working in Vienna for a while and he was in Graz ( before he moved to Mexico, and I moved to Detroit to be closer – global thinking 🙂 ). I spent all the weekends in Graz and drove back to Vienna on Sunday night. Two kids later, driving the same road together in a pleasant silence was almost magical!
Tomorrow more Austrian adventures!

Back in Austria

We are back in Austria and it is a mysterious feeling of feeling home. I feel home in Sweden too, actually wherever we unpack our bags we feel at home, but still this is special! It has been almost one year since our move to Sweden, and this is my first time back. B and the kids went in the summer.

Anyways, we booked a flight from Copenhagen directly to Vienna, and in the planning phase train from Gothenburg to Copenhagen seemed like a great idea. Then the closer we got, the more nervous I got about travelling with wild and wilder. However, the kids were amazing!!! Vince was really excited and stayed calm, only bribe was a Subway meal for lunch to bring on the train. Edgar still had a fever but was really in a great spirit too.
Vince fell a sleep before the plane left, and Edgar a few minutes later. Mr B slept too and I spent the flight reading magazines, just like in pre-kids days.
Getting on the train at home.
On the train
Waiting for dinner at the airport


Third gate change in 20min…

Whose kid is that?

At Vienna International Airport 10.30 pm

Good Bye Graz

Thanks A and H for a lovely evening!

Grazer Halbmarathon 2012

I had my suspicions after picking up my number and chip, that this race was not going to be very well-organized. And I was right. It was OK before and at the start. Easy access, lots of WCs, and a big area to prepare at. Then off we went, on time, which is good and not a given when they have to stop all traffic in the city and some of the cable cart lines. So plus for that.

The weather was perfect. Sunny, a bit of a wind and around +20 c at the start. I felt fine and hit a runner’s high around 5k and felt really good. At the second water station (around 11k) they were not prepared at all, and there was no water ready (or energy drinks). There were a bunch of kids handling it along with one or two adults I did not feel like waiting for them to place cups out and to pour the water so I just ran on.  I mean, come on I a mom myself and this is to some extent a mommy blog, but what the hell peeps, if the kid can’t pour water DO NOT USE THEM as water people, just sayin’…

The race was along the river so no shade at all for pretty much the complete 21.1km. The lack of water at 11k had me in pretty quick. I still paced around 5.15-5.25min per km. Around 14k my mouth was completely dry, and when I finally got to the third water station I signalled way a head for 2 waters.
The lady there was sharp and came out with it. Great. I kept running straight ahead, when someone shouts wrong direction? What the hell, there was no one stopping that open road as this is where you would come back later. Pissed me off. I was already low of fluids and could feel it, and that no one stood there to close off that road annoyed me. I was not the only one who ran there either.

Anyways, the race went on, and I  was able to re-connect with the people I had used as pacers. But it was hot. And sunny, and no shade. At 18k we turned and ran upwards along the river where the landscape is more open and the wind was picking up and blowing a rather strong head wind. I was gassed out by now. Then a man with one leg ran by me, or he had one of those spring running things where his missing leg was, that was enough of a motivation I picked up my pace a bit. The last 2km I wanted to die, and kept asking myself why am I doing this? But then, with the goal up ahead I picked up and ran in on 1.59.58. So I am happy with that. Goal was to be under 2 hours, and I was. The time was not what I had wished for, but it is Ok. Now I have something to beat in 6 weeks.

Because most of the route was along the river walk there was also not a whole lot of people watching the race. There was no music played at water stations or along the route to help you get going. In comparison to my first half marathon (which I loved the whole way and I was just smiling al the way), this was not as fun. I would not run it again.

And finally some pics 🙂 Thanks lovely S for coming by and for driving me home!!!!


Stretching out with very important color coordinated nail polish.
And even though I wanted to die the last 2ks, nothing beats the feeling in goal. Makes it all worth it!

31 for 21: Day 30

Really, winter time? WHO really wants to keep changing the time? We spent the night at Mr Bs parents and both kids slept really bad and then waking up at 4 o clock something ‘new’ time. Sigh.
We just got back home and I am beat.
But we had a great time and I got two exciting runs in (basically all up hill) and the kids had a blast too with their cousin who was visiting from Belgium.
Vince and I went for a long walk in the woods checking out pine cones, throwing rocks in the creek and finding wild apples and pears.