New Shoes

Vince is a rather picky kid when it comes to what to wear. He will tell you if what you pick out is acceptable or not. If it is not, forget it. He will not wear it. Same thing with shoes. Many times I have brought shoes home from my shop that he then has decided are not good enough, and I just have to return them. But the ones I brought today he loved:

Model GIAN from Vincent Shoe Store, as modelled by Vincent

He did not want to take them off, good sign

Doing a happy dance on the table wearing said shoes.

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I am Feeling Better Now

I just got back from dropping Vince off at Kindergarten where I had a  long talk to his head teacher. She had seen that I was really unhappy yesterday and was glad we had some time to talk this morning. I feel a lot better now. She understood my concerns, and I think together we can get the assistant to understand that she needs to use Vince (I know, hard to believe) as the starting point. Not her made up step by step direction for integration.
He is staying there from 8.30-12.30 today. If it does not work they will call me. He had been in the room playing for almost an hour when I peeked in. He did not see me, he was busy chatting to someone on a pretend phone as he simultaneously examined a doll with a stethoscope. I had parked right outside that window where he was playing, so he saw me drive away, and made a sad face. But at least no phone call till yet, so I am guessing he is fine.

Oh and this is pretty funny. He is such a clothes/shoe freak. Today he refused to put on his new fleece jacket I bought him, he would only wear the rain jacket. He also picked out which shoes to wear, and he flat out refuses to put on shoes he does not like. For Kindergarten they needed slippers and shoes for the exercise room. Due to the fact that I own a kid’s shoe store, I have him lined up with three different types of shoes for the different things at school and he also has some socks with rubber under. Do you think he is wearing ANY of them? Nope. At least they are laying in his basket doing a good job of marketing the shoes;)

Vincent Shoe Store 10 years

Get It Down: 31 for 21 – day 3 (Contest Time)


I am drawing a blank today so, today you can win a pair of shoes:

You can win a pair of Christer, all you have to do is to leave a comment and link this entry on your blog.
This is what the designer Thomas Elbaum says about the shoe Christer:

We decided to honor the man who tackled the project of bringing Vincent Shoes to America with a shoe of his own. Christer’s bold character shines through in many facets of this rugged-but-chic, mid-cut boot for toddlers. Take, for instance, the brightly colored contrast piping that splays across the heel and inside the shaft. Or how about the bungee laces that are threaded through the same color of rivets? These elements are so indicative of Christer’s attention to detail.
Your toddler loves to explore the minutest things, and he’ll find lots to entertain him on this shoe. Eye-catching, impressive and ultimately cool,
Christer may inspire your toddler to take on some big projects of his own!

So go on, leave a comment and spread the word. Vince will pick a winner on October 21, 2008. and we do ship world wide.

Dressed Like a Prince

Vince loves new shoes and when he woke up today (third time this week that he woke up after 6,30) he got the new boots I brought home last night. He loved them. He cried when I took them off for breakfast. These boots are actually super cool, they are rubber boots, so totally water proof, and they are warm as they also have a neoprene membrane. Way better than the Allväderstövlar (All-Weather-Boots, I think you have to be Swedish to squirm over this one) we had to use as kids. The design is very fitting for a Prince too. Other designs are hearts, checked and one colored. Let me know if you want to order a pair!
Fit for a Prince

Just because he has boots does not mean he does not get clothes… It is just that we are working on that potty thing, and naked seems the best way to do it in the mornings.

1 Year Anniversary

One year ago tomorrow I opened my store here in Austria. Crazy how fast that year went by. Vincent (my son) is following the plan accordingly and has grown yet another shoe size the last few weeks. So that is two shoe sizes in 4 months. He is growing and dong well. He loves all things with cars (not the movie – to much noise in that one), tractors, buses, airplanes, and books. He also can concentrate for a WHOLE movie. Favorites are Toy Story 1 and 2, and Finding Nemo. However, I am curious to hear comments on Ginko, Omega 3, and other supplements, recommended for kids w DS? Are you using any? Since when? Why or why not?


With nothing to do and need shoes? Come on over to my shop… 3,5 pallets to go. 9,40pm… Lovely Friday night.


His feet fit into these:


Contest Time!

*** EDITED NOTE, The winner will be drawn on Thursday April 24th, so post comments till then if you want to win!

You need shoes? Of course you do! Or at least your kid does! So, as I happen to have a children’s shoe store (Vincent Shoe Store), it is time for a new give away. You can win a pair of LEO’s. The same version Gwyneth Paltrow’s son Moses was spotted with, only LEO is the newest model. Leo is an all leather shoe with extra rubber sole to protect the leather extra from such activities as soccer play, driving a bobby car etc.

Here is what you need to do:
Leave a comment
Link this post to your blog
Give a good reason why you should win

Vincent will then decide who is the worthy winner. You can wish for color/size, but as I do sell these shoes, certain colors/sizes may be out. Just so you know!