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30 for 30

I have decided to do the big Lidingöloppet next year. It is 30km the course is really tough, most that have done it say it is harder than a full marathon because of ten (?!) killer hills, the most famous being Abborrbacken, which comes a few km before the finnish line. At the top of the hill a gospel choir is singing and when on top of the hill you are said to believe in miracles, but then the next hill Karin-hill shows up and you doubt there is a god at all.uF

So despite barely being fable to walk today, hardly getting any sleep from thigh cramps and “piris” killing me most of the night, and that just after 15k, I have come to the natural conclusion:
I am running therpe 30k next year again for the Swedish Down Syndrome Assosiation, and I am going to attempt my very best to raise 30,000kr for the Down Syndrome assosiation (Svenska Downföreningen) along the way! I need help with a button, but this is my resolution. Public on the internet for everyone who wants to see (and please help)!

So 30k for 30k starting right now!

Lidingöloppet 2013

I ran Lidingöloppet for Svenska Downföreningen (the Swedish Down Syndrome Assosiation) today. Lidingöloppet is the world’s largest terrain race. It is extremely well organized and the route is a beautiful trail on an island outside Stockholm.
The race is famous for having a lot of hills!

It was a blast!
The wether was beautiful and the condition were great. It is such a delight to meet up with other DS parents too so a win-win situation.

I ran the 15 km race and I was extremely pleased with my time of 1.22.47, 4minutes better than last year, and this time no public fainting afterwards.

Next year I am doing the 30km race! Promise!





More pics on instagram under #svenskadownforeningen

Happy World Down Syndrome Day 2013

School Thoughts

Yesterday I had an appointment with Vincent’s teacher. It was one of those meetings I think (assume) it is easiest to picture yourself in if you have a child with special needs. It was one of those eye openers or IRL experiences you get every so often when you realize how much your child does not know. It kind of hits you and the physical pain is real:
-Crap, do 6 year olds know THAT much????
I am not trying to compare, but it is pretty impossible not to compare. My issue is not with what the other kids know or what Vincent does not know. It is neither with the school or with the teachers. My issue is within me.

I am extremely proud of Vincent and how he is developing.
I am extremely proud of everything he knows.
I am extremely proud of how mature he is becoming and how much he is his own person.
I am extremely proud of how he has made little friends an big friends.
I am extremely proud of him, just they way he is.

What I am scared of is that Vincent will not have the best ability to learn for HIM. I believe Vincent will learn a lot in school. But the struggle will be to find the Vincent-motivators that will challange him just right. If he does not want to do the work it is going to be tough,close to impossible. But if they can find the key to teaching him in a way that captures his interest I fully believe his potential is significantly higher.
I know that the more time we as parents spend with him working on homework and such, the better equipped he will be for his adult life. I also realize that there is a breaking point where the study effort is not worth it, the cost of other life aspects will be too high. Where that breaking point is, time will tell.

So I thought and my mind twisted and turned. And then I talked to the best people in the world. My bestest friends with the smartest of takes on it. Actually all with ‘only’ so called normal children. And I felt a lot calmer and relaxed and less stressed and no longer so scared and sad.

When I picked up Vince from school today I was told he had a great day. He participated all day and he did excellent in gym classes. He waited in line and took turns and walked to the cafeteria just fine. He played with the boys in his class for recess and was on the soccer field with the bigger kids too.
I talked to his assistant about how she feels she is equipped for first grade next year. She understood my concerns and we came up with some good things to bring into our next meeting in prepping for 1st grade.

The school road ahead of us is long and I have no clue in what direction we will end up. We are starting off in our neighborhood school, and so far so good. Vince enjoys going to school. Vince is comfortable there and he likes his assistant. I like his assistant. I feel we are being listened to and communication is working. And most important of all: Vincent is happy!



The Running Year 2012

The plan was to run a last 10k today with a newfound local running friend. A cold and throat ache ended that idea. This cold sucks, it is going back and forth making no real sense and I just want to feel fine again.

With that said, 2012 was a pretty good running year for me. I ran a little over 1300ks. The winter wether here makes it tough sometimes, if it is below -12c, I do not run. However, I did sign up for Nordic Military Training classes starting next week, which should add an interesting cross fit aspect and hopefully boost my times in 2013. I am only signed up for Göteborgsvarvet on May 18th (the world’s largest half marathon), and I am planning to run Lidingöloppet in September again.

But this was running 2012:

Race 1: Grazer half marathon. March 22 in +22c. Graz, Austria
A beautiful trail along the river Mur in Graz, Austria. Not well organized at all, and they ran out of water at the water check points. Final time 1.59.13.

Race 2: Göteborgsvarvet May 12, 10c
Göteborg, Sweden.
My first time for this half marathon, which is the world’s largest and goes through downtown Göteborg and across two big bridges. A beautiful route, a really great planed race. A lot of fun, and I signed up for it for it for 2013 immediately. I had a cold and was congested, so I was not so pleased with my time, 2.01.33. At least I have a time to beat for 2013.

Race 3: Kraftprovet, 18c, Trollhättan Sweden July.
An 11.6k terrain race with a LOT of hills. Fun, well organized and a new distance that was a good challange. Planning to do this race again in 2013. Helps that the start is about 200m from my job.


Race 4: Lidingöloppet September 10c, Stockholm, Sweden.
Lidingöloppet is the world’s largest terrain race. The distances are 10, 15 and 30k. The 30k is said to be tougher than a full marathon because of the many hills. I did the 15k distance. The time was 1.26.28, which I was really happy with! I ran the race along with many others from the Swedish Down Syndrome organization to raise awareness of Down syndrome (more pics here). The race was a lot of fun and I hope to run it again in 2013. The plan is for Vince to run the little kid’s race which is 1k. We will see 🙂



Happy New Year



The snow finally came to Surte. The kids are thrilled to spend the day riding sledges down the hills. Both of them refuse to wear gloves. I spent about a zillion SEK (Swedish Krona) on gloves of all types and designs. Edgar will wear his Spiderman gloves, but they have no finger tips, and are not really enough for -9c which was the high today. Vince refuses all types of gloves, and apparently preferred blue hands to wearing gloves.

My dad had his third round of radiation today and he started on chemo yesterday. So far he is feeling fine and no nausea. My mom, my brother, Bookie and I take turns on hanging with him for radiation. He is doing it in-patient and just goes to the hospital for his radiation and then goes back home. The chemo is in tablet form, the only way to get it past the cerebral cortex.

I am really thankful that I am back in Sweden. Firstly, to be close to my dad and my family and friends who are all the bestest of the best. Secondly, for the medical and health system. We have had a great experience with all the people we have met along this ‘journey’ and things like free medicines, appointments and transportation to and from the hospital once you reach costs of 2000SEK (ca 250 USD).

What else is going on with us?
Christmas season is here providing lots of lights. I love it. So does the kids. Vince is being VERY patience with his advent calendars (Lego City, Bamse and chocolate), while Edgar has no patience whatsoever and wants to open all doors every morning, usually ending in the regular drama.


We LOVE the house. Edgar is obsessed with helping B fixing things around here. He is currently awake way past his bed time helping Mr B with something. We finally got the fence up, which keeps the kids in,but apparently not the moose out. With a bit of luck our apple trees will survive the winter instead of being moose food…


I needed a wallpaper border to fit Vincent’s pirate/treasure map wall paper. As usual i change my plan after i had already started… Apparently there was not a border in the world to fit with the wallpaper. I googled from all over the world without success without any luck. So here I am making my own, who would have known?


Friday is moving time, finally we will be IN our house!


What we did today times 500.


Summer kids