Right on Target Vince!

I was getting ready for my rent negotiation meeting for my mall spot this morning, dressed in my new post-pregnancy clothes, newly showered, dried hair, a discrete make up on the face etc etc, you know the feeling. I changed Vince’s diaper and looked for an outfit for him. Facing away for a second, my diaper-less child pees all over me. On my new shirt, through the shirt and onto the new pants, before I realized what was going on and jumped away. Oh, the joys of motherhood!

I did it!

I did it! I stayed out from 2.30 – 8pm yesterday without the Prince. But Oh My Stars how hard it was. Before Vincent was born I promised myself I was going to be one of those moms who would get a babysitter and do a lot of things for me, go to movies and dinner with Bookie and have quality time without the baby too. Well, that did not happen. Not that I did not have the opportunity, it just did not seem like a need. So then we got the 600hr of babysitting and it is just too good of an offer to pass up so I scheduled the babysitter. She came yesterday and she is really nice. She works at the place where we get Vincents therapy. She is studying Gross Motor Skill development, when she is done with that she is going to be a therapist like the one Vincent has. So she has great knowledge and experience.

Anyways, I left at 2.30pm yesterday and decided not to pop in to feed him in the afternoon but instead stay out. Bad decision on my part. I thought I was going to faint as I missed Vincent so much. Sounds tacky I know, especially if you have no children on your own, then you should probably skip this section as the risk of you thinking I am pathetic is very high. I went to IKEA and bought a whole lot of Christmas decorations and then headed over to the mall. I did some shopping at H&M (including seriously scooping out the baby section), went to the pharmacy to pick up some teething gel and Paracetamol for Vincent, and then I just sat on a bench and tried not to call home… Instead I called Bookie approximately 5 times, who could assure me that Vincent was most likely ding just fine. Of course I knew that, it was not about Vincent, it was about me. I was the one who was feeling like something was missing and I should be somewhere else.

But I actually enjoyed it later, when I was home again and saw that everything was just fine and Vincent was sound asleep in his bed. He woke up 3 times last night, which he has not done for months. Maybe he just wanted to assure we were still there (at least that is what I tell myself). But he slept till 5.10 this morning, so we got a little sleep in!


I am giving Vincent a late afternoon nap every day in order to put him down a bit later. He now goes to bed around 7.30ish. So 1.5 hrs later equals 30 minutes extra sleeping time for us in the morning. He most often wakes up at 4.30, anything later is considered a real sleep-in and a treat for us. Plus to add to his new sleep routine, he now wakes up 2 times a night for a feed, instead of 1 or sleeping through as he did when I put him down at 6pm. Strange, I know, and I sure don’t understand it.

When Bookie came back from his last business trip from the US in beginning of April he had bought a Clinique Eye Kit for me. It was mascara, eyeliner, eye make-up remover, and an eye cream. The eye cream called Clear Eyes (I think) has worked wonders on my eyes, and I can actually say that yes it does remove puffiness, black circles under the eyes plus whatever else it promised. I was skeptical to its use, but after all those long hours awake at night, I did feel a bit better with my eye cream. Vain I know, but hey you do not often get the feeling of glamour at 4 am in the morning, so you got to do what works for you, right? Anyways, I had to pee after the 3 am feeding this morning and headed for the bathroom. Done and flushing I decided to put on the cream, so I reached for it and fumbled somehow, lost the grip of it, and down it fell into the flushing toilet… So now it is gone. Floating in the sewer systems of the alps somewhere, never to be found again… at least not by me.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

My Bookie is a real handy man. Today we went to Bauhaus (similar to the Home Depot) and got a huge mirror for Vincent. Not that my boy is vain, but Sophie, his therapist told me about the wonders a mirror can do for his development. By looking at himself in the mirror he gets distracted and forgets to think that what he is working on is hard or that he is tired – to a certain point of course – and he keeps playing while looking at himself. So Bookie mounted it on the wall in the living room as soon as we came home. And Vincent absolutely loves it! He was laying there playing and talking for quite some time! He was babbling on and running in the air with his little legs. Being as cute as can be.

In Vincent’s therapy we are working on teaching him how to grab things when he is on his tummy  and on learning to sit. To this point he could care less at grabbing things with his hands, but he has gotten pretty far with the sitting part. I am really proud of him. The mirror should be really useful for this too. I will keep you posted 🙂

Sleeping, Oh No!

Whoever, wherever for whatever reason decided to use summer/winter time needs to be severely punished. Once upon a time I lived in lovely Hawaii, where they do not differentiate between summer time and winter time. One of the best reasons to live there… I think Indiana has the same deal, however, I have a hard time comparing Indiana – eventhough I only saw Muncie, IN to Hawaii. Still why have wintertime????

Let me recap. Vince has had the great habit of waking up around 4.30 – 5 am the last month. Kills me, but that is the way it is, so this family gets a bright and early start. Thankfully, he falls a sleep early and sleeps through till when he wakes up. And believe me, I have tried to get him to fall a sleep again, but the little guy is just smiling and babblering away as happy as can be and sleep is the furthermost thing from his mind. I have tried to let him go to bed later, he falls asleep around 6 pm. Trying to keep him awake results in him screaming, and screaming A LOT and LOUD. The acoustics in our apartment is amazing as we have stonewalls… As soon as you put him down he falls asleep within 1 min. I have tried to give him late afternoon naps, but the same thing happens. Still ready for bed at 6pm. And now we have wintertime… Today my angel woke up at 2.50 am… He took a 30 min nap around 6 am, and a little short nap in the swing at 7.30 am. He has to sleep a little, as we have therapy at 9 am, and he will be totally exhausted without any sleep…

So I have decided, the next time it is election (where I am eligible to vote) I will vote for whatever party that decides to take away winter/summer time. No matter what the rest of their ideology, thoughts, efforts are… I just need some sleep!

More Therapy

Today we had the second therapy session of the week, and Sophie, the therapist brought a “crawling roll”. It is a tube you can blow up and it has little bells on the inside and some colorful balls. The purpose of it is that the child can lay across it and learn how to hold his upper body at the same time as he is learning the correct crawling movements with the legs. Vincent did awesome! I am so proud of him! He absolutely loved the roll. And he stayed on it for quiet some time and he even did the crawling motion with his legs. His legs are just too short to touch the ground, so we had to hold him. But it is really exciting to see the progress he is making. It was really a good idea to do two shorter sessions twice a week (about 1 hour) instead of one long 90 minute session once a week. The cool thing is that we get to keep the roll, so we can do the exercises whenever we want to! Exciting!

Finally – More Good News

Since Vincent was born he has not been able to breast feed. We both just did not get it. In the beginning he was just way too tired and weak. So I have pumped out breast milk since the beginning, much like a cow and sometimes it is hard to stop yourself from saying moo, but it has worked fine. I have a huge oversupply – even though Vincent drinks very well – and the content of our freezer is one ready-made pizza and approximately 1 months supply of frozen breast milk. Always freaks people (i.e. read men) out when they see that 🙂 

Anyways, it is sometimes a challenge for DS children to suck as their mouth muscle are weaker, sometimes the mouth is a little deformed or the tongue can be larger than optimal. But at the same time it is very important that they do breastfeed as this will build up the mouth muscles, the same muscles that are used for speech later on. This will improve the chances of less delayed speech development.

Vincent has been getting the bottle (Chicco – Avent’s nipple was too hard for him to get the food out of) and every once in a while I have tried to put him to a boob, which never worked. The poor kid was getting sprayed similar to taking a shower and we both ended up soaking wet and needed to change clothes. But as of a few days back he is becoming an expert and is getting the hint (probably better than his mom) and the breastfeeding is working pretty well! We still give him the bottle during the night, then Bookie can feed him too, and I get a rest. But he is learning and I am really proud of him!