Year end at work means lots of work along with Vince starting first grade and fall being on its way, the calendar is already fully booked til Christmas. There are school appointments, follow up appointments, speech therapy, nutritionist, orthopedic doctor, eye doctor, ear doctor, dentist as well as swim classes and just regular life. No wonder I come close to feeling like I am drowning every September.

I was this close to calling my running friend up and cancel tonights run. We have not run together for almost four weeks. She was sick, then away, I had year end and friens in town etc. But tonight we had decided to finally do a run around the lake again. Usually we try to run together 3-4 times a week. But, today I was just beat nothing worked: coffee did not do its magic, neither did fresh air during the day. Still I decided to go tonight and it was just what I needed!

I am so happy I did. The night was beautiful. It was 45 minutes of happiness, laughing, talking and hanging out while sweating the tiredness out.

Up to the mountain where the lake is.


Selfie. Hahaha!

1st grade

Vince started first grade yesterday. So far, so good…. If he only knew how many days he has left in school….


Swim Camp

Vince and I are spending three days in Uddevalla for swim camp! The original plan was to not sleep over as I figured he would not care for that too much. Well that was wrong. Once he finally agreed to come out of the car, he told me he was staying. So we are.
We are on night one and just had a get to know each other evening. There are 16 families here, and the only common thing among us is we all have a child with Down Syndrome. Some I have met before, some I know of from online communitues others are new. And it is awesome.
Tomorrow swim classes start!

Where we are sleeping





I have the day off. The kids are in school/ day care. I dropped them off and then met friend J for a run around the lakes. One hour of running the terrain trails through the woods and around two lakes on the mountain we live by. Talking and laughing while running hills and pushing through. The reward afterwards is jumping in the lake. A morning that brings so much energy, life is beautiful.


Göteborgsvarvet 2013

A week after Vincents birthday I ran Göteborgsvarvet for the second year in a row. This was actually my first race I have done twice. The race is the world’s largest half marathon with over 60,000 starters.
Last year it was cloudy and 8c. This year it was clear blue skies, sunny and hot. I started around 2 pm and by then the temp was +24c in the shadow. The start was really crowded, and it took almost 5k to be able to run my pace. At the highest point of the race, on top of a highway bridge, thunder and lightining started along with strong winds, rain and hail. It was nice to cool down a bit, but the sun was back soon, making the rest of the run sauna-like as the steam was coming of the streets. Drinking every 2k and pouring a cup of cold water on my head kept me hydrated and not over-heated. Runners were fainting all along due to the heat.
I finnished a little over 4 min faster in my official time of 1.57.13 and I am very pleased with that. My garmin told me I actually ran 22.1km as I zig zagged alot to pass many in the beginning, so unoficially I broke my PR of 1.56.12 (which is from a very flat half, this is a rather hilly run). And of course I already signed up for 2014s Göteborgsvarv.


At 17k


Well. It has been a while. I will try my best to be better at posting and will try to catch up.
With that said, little Prince Vince turned SEVEN in May! 20130616-210330.jpg

He loves pirates, so we had a pirate party. There is a place, actually a boat, called Maritiman in Gothenburg harbor, and they do birthday parties for kids. I loved the outsourcing idea, Vince loved pirates, so we decided on that. He loved it and had a blast.
A pirate met the kids and they all put on life jackets. The pirate had a treasure map to follow, and together they solved riddles to get the combination to pirate boxes, each filled with a clue to the final treasure. The boxes were located on four different ships so they walked back and forth between the boats (together with the pirate). In the end they found a treasure, had hot dogs and ice cream and then had a final puzzle to solve. They put together a gifant jig saw puzzle of a map showing where the biggest treasure chest was and where they each got a golden bag of candy. Hooks and eye patches were given out when they ate.


Three is a charm

First pair broke, second pair he hid somewhere in school some time in February (the whole school has been involved in trying to find them), third pair was finally ready today.



My little artist.







I signed up for Skärgårdsmilen 10k a while back, not knowing much about it. The start was on Hönö, an island you can reach by ferry in the northern part of the Göteborg coast.
The weather was perfect, and I do believe this must be one of the most beautiful races in the world! It was well organized (from parking, to changing rooms, bag drop offs etc). Not a cloud in the sky, just perfect blue spring sky and the sun shining bright and clear. 10c by the start was warmer than my mid-may race last year;)
I finnished in 52.10 and was ok with that, still having a goal of sub-50 for a 10k.

On the ferry

The view from the start

Waiting for the start

Beautiful! Crossing this bridge was eating energy, we crossed it twice.

I love the Swedish west coast!

Water and bananas after finnishing.

Gamla Göteborgsvarvet

Last Saturday there was a paced training half marathon. The route was the original Göteborgsvarvet as it was the first year it was run in 1980. Back then a few hundred ran, now Göteborgsvarvet is the largest half marathon in the world. This year over 70,000 people will run the weekend of May 18.
So, last Saturday was paced at 6.30min per km. About 600 showed up to run the half at 8am. The weather was no fun with fog and light rain and 1c. But the race itself was SO much fun. I ran with a running friend and we talked the whole way around and laughed and had fun. The km just went by and when we were at 18km, we just could not believe how fast the timehad gone by. Next thing we were at 21k, grabbed some chocolate and water and headed for sauna, cold swim and hot tub. By 11.30 am we were heading back home ready to start the rest of the day!

Breakfast, coffee and magnesium

About to cross Älvsborgsbron.

Happy faces:)

Fun part: running a half marathon partly through a mall (Nordstan)