Hamstering Up

On good ol’ Styrian food and friends. A day at the vineyard Krainerhof outside Lannach, is a given on any of our Austrian trips, a tradition dating back to the beginning of our history in 2003.
Käferbohnen with pumkin seed oil dressing.

Eds and Mr B sharing a cheese plate and fresh pressed apple juice

The hills.

Driving home on the Autobahn between Graz and Vienna in the night brings back many memories. I have driven there many times. After Mr B and I first met, I was working in Vienna for a while and he was in Graz ( before he moved to Mexico, and I moved to Detroit to be closer – global thinking 🙂 ). I spent all the weekends in Graz and drove back to Vienna on Sunday night. Two kids later, driving the same road together in a pleasant silence was almost magical!
Tomorrow more Austrian adventures!

When in Sweden

…eat as a Swede.
Breakfast: oatmeal w mango and raspberries. (Ok the real Swedish version would be lingonberries but I prefer fruit instead of jam and lingonberries not in jam is really not very good). On the side two Wasa Knäckebröd with soft whey butter (messmör).


Gingerbread Cookies

Prince Crowns


The lot

31 for 21: Day 23

Back on October 3, I asked for questions about DS or whatever to answer and here are some of them:

Sophia asked: Did Vince have problems with digestion sometime?
No, no problems at all with feeding, eating, drinking and digestion. I remember back when Vincent was 13 months old and we spent a week on Mallorca, Spain. He would eat only the totally pureed baby food jars and I remember thinking he will never progress to bigger pieces. Whenever I tried the jars with only the slightest pieces he would refuse to eat. Then one day some weeks later he tried rice and liked it, from then on he just moved onto pasta, peas, potatoes and he was fine with it.

One of my favorite blogs is I do not know what to say written by Cate, she is funny, witty and I love how she usually views standard news from a not so common angle. Her blog was also one of the first blogs I started to follow in the DS blog community. Her question was: hmm, questions about DS. Oh, here’s one – at what age do they outgrow it?
Sometimes if you cross your fingers and walk three times backwards around your house the third copy of the 21st chromosome will disappear in your child. If it is not working, walk faster.*

*they can not outgrow it.

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31 for 21: Day 22

Swedish pancake hanging with a birthday crown:

The 1st Meal – Carrots

Vincent had his first meal that was not breast milk today. Carrots. The first time around he was not so impressed:

It got better though. On the second time around he actually managed to get quite a few spoons in his mouth, and I think he swallowed some of it. Even though the pictures seems to be saying otherwise…
DSC02729 DSC02730

Update on the Muffins

It worked and the muffins turned out perfect. So hypothetically I could give them to the neighbors now, but the problem is that I already ate half the batch. Maybe I will make a new batch tomorrow now that I am experienced and give the neighbors…

Dr’s & Dumle Muffins

The last week I have been feeling increasingly tired each day. Today I really tried getting out of bed around 9.30 a.m., but it was simply impossible. Finally I had to get up around 11 to get ready for my Dr’s appointment. Dr. Egger said that everything was OK, the baby had increased 500g in weight since last visit and I had increased 1 kg… As I mentioned before, I suspect all that weight is in my fingers.

Got back home and decided to be a bit efficient and tried to get the shelves into the bathroom cabinet we bought. Not so easy when your hands are like 10 sausage links, and I kept fumbling and dropping the tiny little screws that were supposed to hold the shelves in place. I did two and a half shelves ( I dropped to screws that disappeared in a place which is close to impossible to reach in a non-pregnant stage and definitely impossible when you look like a whale – therefore the half shelf). Maybe Bookie won’t notice, which is about as likely as the Hailey’s Comet coming by this week…

So I decided to move on and be efficient elsewhere and moved on to the kitchen. I thought it was finally time to try to make the yummy Dumle Muffins Alexandra gave me the recipe for. Started off fairly well, and I put them in the oven for approx 9 minutes. The recipe called for 8-10 min, and to make sure they were not dry in the middle when you take them out. Well, our kitchen is not completely unpacked yet, and I had nothing to try the muffins with, so I just took them out after 9 min. I let them cool off, and then tried one. I might as well not have cooked them at all, they were pretty much gooey all through, not a little in the middle like they are supposed to be, but all through them. The plan was to give some to Alex and Daniel, our neighbors that brought us a real nice Easter basket (via the Easter bunny). So in a last attempt, I reheated the oven and threw the muffins back in… They are still baking and I am still hoping for a miracle…