30 for 30

I have decided to do the big Lidingöloppet next year. It is 30km the course is really tough, most that have done it say it is harder than a full marathon because of ten (?!) killer hills, the most famous being Abborrbacken, which comes a few km before the finnish line. At the top of the hill a gospel choir is singing and when on top of the hill you are said to believe in miracles, but then the next hill Karin-hill shows up and you doubt there is a god at all.uF

So despite barely being fable to walk today, hardly getting any sleep from thigh cramps and “piris” killing me most of the night, and that just after 15k, I have come to the natural conclusion:
I am running therpe 30k next year again for the Swedish Down Syndrome Assosiation, and I am going to attempt my very best to raise 30,000kr for the Down Syndrome assosiation (Svenska Downföreningen) along the way! I need help with a button, but this is my resolution. Public on the internet for everyone who wants to see (and please help)!

So 30k for 30k starting right now!


It was +21c by 7 am this morning and the air was hot and thick. I was stressing around getting ready for my first interview with the Austrian newspaper Kurier, the second largest in the nation. At last I decided for some high heels and ran out the door (the baby sitter was here). We were to meet in Carro’s coffee shop,which is on top of a hill – a hill that looks small – but really is steep when you walk it. Especially in heels. But I got there and the interview went fine. I am actually very satisfied with it. I also asked her not to use the words suffer from DS and disease [DS]. The article will be in the Sunday edition on June 3. The photographer is coming to take pics of Vince and I tomorrow.

I then dropped of my second promotion pack with the fashion writer at the Steirer Monat (a monthly magazine). Amazingly enough, I managed to squeeze in yet another municipality and earned myself a big stamp on yet another paper, and I am finished (I think) with all the paperwork and permits.

I stressed home as I was running late, carrying two bags of groceries that I also managed to pick up in the process. I now have a giant migraine coming on and my feet are killing me. BUT that does not matter, because here is where I am going:

It was not only my first interview with the press today, I also scheduled my first interview with a possible employee. We will meet next Thursday, and guess what, it is  young lady, who just happens to have an extra chromosome! This is what I will do to try to make a difference 🙂


So we are  going to this wedding in the beginning of June, it is my hip fashion expert Hedda who is getting married to the hip fashion expert Andreas. They have been together forever (almost) and I am really excited about the wedding. BUT, here I am, a lot less hip and in a desperate need of a new dress fitting the occasion. See, my post-pregnancy body including former breast feeding stage, has left its marks on me and even though I lost all the weight I gained and then some, I have no boobs. Zero, zip, nada. Or thoeretically there are some, but in reality no not really. So the choice is between buying new boobs to fit an old dress or buying a new dress to fit the current boobs. I am leaning towards the second alternative, time is short…

I found this amazingly beautiful dress, a Filippa-K design today. And the price is good, but, it is black – thereof my dilemma. Black used to be a no-no at weddings. The other option it comes in is fire red, and according to Hedda, that means you have slept with the groom, which I of course have not, but would be a brave statement on the 200 people or so guest list. So that is a big no-no too. But then I found this, written by the multi-mega-famous Swedish fashionista expert Magdalena Ribbing says that black is OK as long as you accessorize in other bright colors… So the decision remains, black and colors, or buying new boobs?

That PJ Thing

A while back I said I was going to post Vince in his animal PJ collection, so here it is!

The Giraffe PJ, here in December with daddy

03.07 Tiger Vince
The Tiger PJ, he is holding on to our fairly new educational toy… It is a ring hanging from the ceiling, we usually hang stuff on it too. With this Vince can practice his goal oriented grabbing. We got the tip from our EI. Bookie made it really fancy so we can lower or heighten the ring too. Works good, and it is hanging in front of Vince mirror too.

04.07 Kryper nästan...
The Hippo PJ, Vince working that crawling technique

The Zebra PJ, if you look behind Vince and on the chair you see his spring Vincent Shoes in white and red.