Morning Glory

Hanging with Vince on the couch before heading out in the snow storm to go to radiation with my dad followed by a doctor’s appointment, then quick hospital cafeteria lunch before heading over to the second hospital in Göteborg to pick up Vincent’s newly molded winter shoes.


Tjolöholm Slott/Castle

This fall has been unusually grey in more ways than one. The temperature has been ca 7c colder than summertime, and it rains everyday it seems like. Hence the whole family now owns two pairs of rubberboots each.
Today I decided it is time for Christmas instead of grey and fall. As a perfect kick off, we went to the christmas market at Tjolöholms castle with some great friends.
Mr B stayed home with Vince who now is on the mend from strep throat.


Waiting for Santa.

Eds in real awe of seeing Santa.

And with Santa.

Inside by Santa.


That is the name of the malignant tumor my dad has. It can’t be cured. My feelings about it are undescribable. My dad has always been my biggest hero.
He will start a combo of chemo and radiation in 1.5 weeks approx. He will receive the max dose, of 30 rounds. We hope he will fight it off for as long as possible!
Cancer sucks.

Seafood Saturday

Pretty much since the day my dad came out of surgery 8 days ago, he has talked about wanting seafood. On Friday he was able to leave the hospital to come home, with only minor restrictions. He is now signed out of the neuro to be signed into the oncological side come tomorrow. But before that, Mr B and I and the kids along with my brother and his two kids spent the weekend with my parents.






Cancer Update

My dad had surgery last Thursday. The doctors were able to remove almost all of the tumor. They took away what they believe is all of it, but it is impossible to say if some cancer cells remain. My dad was doing great and was walking and eating on Friday. Then things turned scary and there was a bleeding in the brain. A new surgery was necessary to stop the bleeding. It also went fine in terms of the brain, but his heart was taking a toll. He has not yet responded as wished for on the heart medicines he was put on, but the doctors decided to wait with a new heart surgery (electric conversion) till he is more stable.
He has been moved to the hospital closer to home and he is doing a lot better every day.
Tomorrow we will get the results on what exact type of cancer tumor it is. We have been told it is the most malignt type there is, so we already suspect that will be confirmed. It is also believed it started to grow in August, so it has grown very fast. Future treatment plans will be discussed tomorrow as well. Thanks everyone for kind words and support!!!

Sunday, the day after my dad’s second brain surgery in three days. Sharing candy with my mom in the break room.

Home Sweet Home

The best part about vacation? Coming home and enjoying the toys at home again:



The next Bretter-Molin projects coming up:
1) Vince starts school (!!!)
2) Move into our house!


Vince is the fish who is always in the water. Eds on the other hand is most likely to be found out of the water.


He found that flower hair band on the beach… And he refused to take of his long sleeved shirt…



He has his own swim suits too, but he preferred wearing dad’s. Also, he can do everything on his own (and don’t you dare try to stop him), here he is applying sun tan lotion. In his hair.




Little big almost three year old Eds.

Österlen get away

We have rented a cottage on Österlen gor a week. The views are gorgeous and the place has a soothing effect on us parents, and a speeding effect on the kids. So far so good! Tomorrow we are going to bike around and look at the area around here. Mr B just finnished breaking into his own bike, as he left the key to his super lock at home…


We did the ultra Swedish Midsommar this year. We decorated my parents barn and had a traditional Swedish bufe with herring, knäckebröd, lots of different pies, salmon, new potatoes, meatballs, sausages, cheeses, and of course the mandatory strawberries. All along with strawberry punch.

The barn has been pimped with yellow and blue and fresh birch


Vince and Idha
Decorating the may pole

Working on those details of the pole…

Hardly working or working hard?

Eds and Tage were  more interested in cutting the flowers up in as tiny pieces as possible

Man work

The finished product

Quick break before the dancing around the may pole starts.

Eds had a blast dancing

So did Vince and gang

Time for a break

Checking out the neighbors horse and three goats takes about an hour with the kids

And finally, a pic of the four of us with almost all of us looking kind of in the camera…

And if you want more details on how we really do celebrate (true) Midsummer here is a short clip:


With a smashing +18c, the (other) Swedes in Sweden apparently declared today summer. All over people were walking around in their best summer clothes. I was freezing just looking at them. We still followed the trend and took the short drive to Marstrand, where we rode the ferry across to the small island. The kids loved it. Mr B and I took turns having heart attacks as the kids were dare devils in every single movement. I saw myself having to jump in the water to save them in my head time after time. Luckily, that was not necessary…








Ending a good day with dinner in the garden.