2013 so far

I know, hello blog, it has been a while…
I am going to make a serious attempt to get a lot better…

I am hone with Vince today. He has a cold that never seems to be getting better. So movies, sleep and couch hanging is what is up today.


2013 so far:
– My dad is done with radiation! He had 30 rounds and is feeling tired but Ok.
– I joined a gym to help work on my strength and hopefully improve my running results. Their schedules is fitting well with my lunch break. So far i tried TRX and kettle bells classes.
– We booked a trip to Austria for a long Easter holiday.
– We booked a family trip to Dennark and the Reef Hotel in Feb.
– I have been running as much as the continuos colds allow, and it is such a HUGE difference running with someone vs. alone. This weekend we did 31k (sat+sun) in -10c wether. Awesome way to start the day!
-Work is busy but good!


The kids are in bed and fully prepared to celebrate Christmas tomorrow!

Meatball test run went without a complains

Cookies, porage and milk set out for Santa, check.

And the snow keeps falling outside the window. Christmas spirit at its best.


December 13 and it was time for Edgar’s first Lucia performance. He was choosing between being a Lucia and a ginger bread man, and decided for option two. However, as it was time to get dressed he refused to be said ginger bread man, and only compromised by being a worker, so work pants on (like every single other day, why the h**l did I ever think they were a good pair to buy???) and his ginger bread shirt and hat with that. He did not once open his mouth to sing, but stayed on stage all through the performance.
See for yourself!




Morning Glory

Hanging with Vince on the couch before heading out in the snow storm to go to radiation with my dad followed by a doctor’s appointment, then quick hospital cafeteria lunch before heading over to the second hospital in Göteborg to pick up Vincent’s newly molded winter shoes.


Tjolöholm Slott/Castle

This fall has been unusually grey in more ways than one. The temperature has been ca 7c colder than summertime, and it rains everyday it seems like. Hence the whole family now owns two pairs of rubberboots each.
Today I decided it is time for Christmas instead of grey and fall. As a perfect kick off, we went to the christmas market at Tjolöholms castle with some great friends.
Mr B stayed home with Vince who now is on the mend from strep throat.


Waiting for Santa.

Eds in real awe of seeing Santa.

And with Santa.

Inside by Santa.


That is the name of the malignant tumor my dad has. It can’t be cured. My feelings about it are undescribable. My dad has always been my biggest hero.
He will start a combo of chemo and radiation in 1.5 weeks approx. He will receive the max dose, of 30 rounds. We hope he will fight it off for as long as possible!
Cancer sucks.

Seafood Saturday

Pretty much since the day my dad came out of surgery 8 days ago, he has talked about wanting seafood. On Friday he was able to leave the hospital to come home, with only minor restrictions. He is now signed out of the neuro to be signed into the oncological side come tomorrow. But before that, Mr B and I and the kids along with my brother and his two kids spent the weekend with my parents.