More Opening Pics

Some more pics from our opening evening:

Opening the doors

Discussing shoes (I think) with Patrick Östermann, one of the two designers

Vince deciding which swim shoe to take (eat)

My kid was a tad hyper this evening, he stayed awake till 22.00/10 pm with out a problem

Dad and Vince having breakfast at the Kulturhaus Sunday morning, Vince wearing a pair of new Dennis – first walkers shoes

Day 2 Alone on the Job

And this is fun! I am loving it:-) The selling is actually going better than I thought and the customers are really positive to the shoes. And of course you can order shoes from me; send me an email to[at] and I will be right on it!

Better update tomorrow, I am about to close for the day!

First Pics

I got some pics from the opening in the mail, so this is what my new store looks like:

From the entrance

From the cash register

The sellers from Saturday


We are Open!

You need shoes? We are open now! Yesterday was the first real day open (if you managed to miss that piece of information). It went really good:-) 63 buying customers and I  am happy with the cash results too! Everyone was very amazed that we measure everyones feet and the shoes for the optimal fit. Pics will follow, couldn’t figure out how to get the pics off my mom camera and onto this computer! Got to sleep, I am sooooo tired!

Thanks for all the well wishes, flowers, champagne, wine and flowers. You guys are the best!

58 min till Opening

I am so nervous I could puke. Radio and journalists from 4 newspapers and a magazine will be here together with some of our closest friends and family in 58 min. Just sent Bookie away to buy me a big well deserved vodka drink…

1 Day Till Opening

Wow. It is past midnight already and I am still in the store. Bookie is building a shelf for the cash drawer and I am just tired. But the store looks amazing! Thanks to everyone who has helped us! Especially to Heidi, there is NO way we could have finished this all without you here to watch after the Prince the last weeks! We miss you already!

19 hrs to the VIP opening….

2 Days Till Opening

It is 5 a.m in the morning and I have way too many things on my mind to be able to sleep. The store is almost ready, we started hanging/putting all the stuff on the shelves yesterday. Patrick and Thomas, the shoe designers arrived yesterday and are staying over the opening.

The VIP opening is tomorrow night, but the official first day is Saturday. I am so excited, nervous, stressed but happy. It is finally all coming together.



Pst. I am soo behind on reading blogs and commenting, hold on, I will be back!