The kids are in bed and fully prepared to celebrate Christmas tomorrow!

Meatball test run went without a complains

Cookies, porage and milk set out for Santa, check.

And the snow keeps falling outside the window. Christmas spirit at its best.


December 13 and it was time for Edgar’s first Lucia performance. He was choosing between being a Lucia and a ginger bread man, and decided for option two. However, as it was time to get dressed he refused to be said ginger bread man, and only compromised by being a worker, so work pants on (like every single other day, why the h**l did I ever think they were a good pair to buy???) and his ginger bread shirt and hat with that. He did not once open his mouth to sing, but stayed on stage all through the performance.
See for yourself!




Merry Christmas


Year End Thank You Gifts

Swell and dandy, with two kids, and one who has a whole team of super dupers to his help, we are adding up to 15 christmas thank you gifts. Vince and I made choclate treats and decorated more ginger bread cookies.

The first batch was delivered with delight today to speech therapist, physio therapist, special needs aid, cognitive therapist and pediatric. Only 10 to go…

Christmas Shopping with Vince

Vince and I took the bus to the city today and did some Christmas shopping. I recently noticed how much easier things have gotten with him. He rarely runs away, he walks (most often) holding my hand or stopping when prompted, and he has a lot less melt downs. Also, we were far from alone in the city today and he was being really good with waiting for his turn and he no longer gets so stirred up with being in big crowds. It was all very what-do-you-call-it? Normal?

Thumbs up and Cheese for waiting for the bus

Thumbs up for riding the bus

A bakery cart

Playing with the trillions of different Schleich animals

Finally getting a turn, after waiting patiently at the cool race track. Stitches will come out on Monday by the way….

20 min later we are still at the race track. He did awesome driving the cars! (When will I stop thinking he cannot do certain things just to constantly proven wrong by Vince?)

Subway lunch

Christmas Carols

Singing time with Edgar 2 years old. And a bonus brotherly kiss ending with crying:

Gingerbread Cookies Part 2

Decorating the cookies.
Claudia (our baby sitter) and Edgar. Picture taken by Vincent

Edgar and I. Picture taken by Vincent.

Vince decorating cookies

A very staged photo. Vince told me exactly how he wanted this one done.

Cookie table


Gingerbread Cookies

Prince Crowns


The lot

Happy Holidays

We are staying in Austria for Christmas this year. Wish all of you the very best Christmas!


Getting Ready for Christmas

No we ae actually done with the decorating of the tree. It became very obvious very fast that there is NO chance Edgar will leave any of the ornaments alone. In a micro second he had stripped a Santa off his beard, and that was just the beginning. So this year only the top half of our tree will be decorated.

(it does look a bit better live)