Missing Dad

Burkas arrived safely in India last night. The day care is closed till Wednesday at least, but the baby sitter that came today seems really nice. We met her once before. I thought she was like 30 years old or so, turns out she has a son that is 21… I am really not that good at guessing ages.

But the little Booger laughed lots when I left them at home today, and the EI is coming today too. The apartment seemed very quiet and empty last night. I am not used to coming home to that. Good thing B is coming back on Saturday already. On Sunday is the yearly DS Christmas party. I am really looking forward to it this year. We have made so many new friends and there should be a few younger ones that Vince showing up too. Singing, snacks and a visit fr Santa too of course.

Runny nose, red eyes, but my favorite bug in the world!

Day Care

A while back I put Vince on the waiting list for a private day care, also referred to as Mikado Tages Mutter. It is basically a person who takes care of up to 4 children, and she has also done a special education to care for children with special needs. As Vince has DS, the whole thing is paid for (day care, private or not) and we only have to pay for his food. Pretty sweet deal. I also ended up putting him on the waiting list for two other places, one regular place (11 kids 3 adults, and possible one extra person for Vince) and a so called Children’s House (Kinder Haus). The day care place was nice and they were excited about possibly having one more kid with DS there, they already have one little girl therewho we also know. (Hallo Moni). At the next place, the Kinder Haus, the lady really freaked out when I told her Vince has DS, and she could not look at me after that. So, needless to say, I don’t think we will get a spot there, and I would not care if we did not. The only thing that was good there was that the kids learned English and it is across the street, like 50m from where we live. But I am pretty sure we will never hear back from them.

Anyways, to get back on track, when I was in the hospital they called from the private place and told us there is an opening and we can have it if we want to. We are actually looking to start school him in around Nov/Dec, so he can start having about 30hrs per week in Jan. (Bookie or I will still take him to his different therapies and activities). So we were rather amazed that we already got a spot. We went there today and looked at it and it looks nice. There are 4 kids, one that has some really uncommon chromosome disorder and two kids with ‘normal’ chromosomes, and then maybe Vince. It was nice, a big garden, nice house, but unfortunately it is really on the wrongs side of the city for us. And the hours were not very flexible. Otherwise it would have been perfect. We have pretty much decided that we will not take the place, unless we don’t get an other place. But we have enough time, hopefully, to get a new spot.

My war-wound, also referred to as my appendix scar, is healing well and I am FINALLY being able to stretch my back and stand up straight. Plus move, cough and sneeze without thinking my gut will be ripped out. So the health is also on the mend!

I did it!

I did it! I stayed out from 2.30 – 8pm yesterday without the Prince. But Oh My Stars how hard it was. Before Vincent was born I promised myself I was going to be one of those moms who would get a babysitter and do a lot of things for me, go to movies and dinner with Bookie and have quality time without the baby too. Well, that did not happen. Not that I did not have the opportunity, it just did not seem like a need. So then we got the 600hr of babysitting and it is just too good of an offer to pass up so I scheduled the babysitter. She came yesterday and she is really nice. She works at the place where we get Vincents therapy. She is studying Gross Motor Skill development, when she is done with that she is going to be a therapist like the one Vincent has. So she has great knowledge and experience.

Anyways, I left at 2.30pm yesterday and decided not to pop in to feed him in the afternoon but instead stay out. Bad decision on my part. I thought I was going to faint as I missed Vincent so much. Sounds tacky I know, especially if you have no children on your own, then you should probably skip this section as the risk of you thinking I am pathetic is very high. I went to IKEA and bought a whole lot of Christmas decorations and then headed over to the mall. I did some shopping at H&M (including seriously scooping out the baby section), went to the pharmacy to pick up some teething gel and Paracetamol for Vincent, and then I just sat on a bench and tried not to call home… Instead I called Bookie approximately 5 times, who could assure me that Vincent was most likely ding just fine. Of course I knew that, it was not about Vincent, it was about me. I was the one who was feeling like something was missing and I should be somewhere else.

But I actually enjoyed it later, when I was home again and saw that everything was just fine and Vincent was sound asleep in his bed. He woke up 3 times last night, which he has not done for months. Maybe he just wanted to assure we were still there (at least that is what I tell myself). But he slept till 5.10 this morning, so we got a little sleep in!