Year end at work means lots of work along with Vince starting first grade and fall being on its way, the calendar is already fully booked til Christmas. There are school appointments, follow up appointments, speech therapy, nutritionist, orthopedic doctor, eye doctor, ear doctor, dentist as well as swim classes and just regular life. No wonder I come close to feeling like I am drowning every September.

I was this close to calling my running friend up and cancel tonights run. We have not run together for almost four weeks. She was sick, then away, I had year end and friens in town etc. But tonight we had decided to finally do a run around the lake again. Usually we try to run together 3-4 times a week. But, today I was just beat nothing worked: coffee did not do its magic, neither did fresh air during the day. Still I decided to go tonight and it was just what I needed!

I am so happy I did. The night was beautiful. It was 45 minutes of happiness, laughing, talking and hanging out while sweating the tiredness out.

Up to the mountain where the lake is.


Selfie. Hahaha!

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