Swim Camp

Vince and I are spending three days in Uddevalla for swim camp! The original plan was to not sleep over as I figured he would not care for that too much. Well that was wrong. Once he finally agreed to come out of the car, he told me he was staying. So we are.
We are on night one and just had a get to know each other evening. There are 16 families here, and the only common thing among us is we all have a child with Down Syndrome. Some I have met before, some I know of from online communitues others are new. And it is awesome.
Tomorrow swim classes start!

Where we are sleeping




4 Responses

  1. Have a really fab time. Xxx

  2. Vad roligt att det blev så bra! Vem arrangerar detta? Det vore ngt för viran nästa år.

    • Svenska Downföreningen Väst var det. Superkul och så bra arrangerat att man blir alldeles tårögd av hur mycket bra människor som finns. Meddelar dej bums om när info kommer om läger nästa år, för det bestämdes att det skulle bli!

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