I am just going to sneek back in here and really try to keep up… It has been a bit much, but hey that is life.

Still running alot, 35-50km per week. Summer was great (was – it is almost over in Sweden). I think I will remember this as the best summer in a long time, and I hope the kids will remember it this way too. We swam a lot and enjoyed little outings around here mostly. We had many fun visitors and we grilled almost every day.

Vince starts first grade on Monday. That is huge! I will update on that in a separate post, but I am really happy (now at least) and I feel rather calm about it.

My dad is doing great, and as of what we know now the tumor is at least not growing. Still eff cancer.

And like I said, a serious effort will be made:)


2 Responses

  1. As long as you have been busy and having fun that is fine. Life is busy sometimes….we all understand and are hete whenevet.

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