I signed up for Skärgårdsmilen 10k a while back, not knowing much about it. The start was on Hönö, an island you can reach by ferry in the northern part of the Göteborg coast.
The weather was perfect, and I do believe this must be one of the most beautiful races in the world! It was well organized (from parking, to changing rooms, bag drop offs etc). Not a cloud in the sky, just perfect blue spring sky and the sun shining bright and clear. 10c by the start was warmer than my mid-may race last year;)
I finnished in 52.10 and was ok with that, still having a goal of sub-50 for a 10k.

On the ferry

The view from the start

Waiting for the start

Beautiful! Crossing this bridge was eating energy, we crossed it twice.

I love the Swedish west coast!

Water and bananas after finnishing.

2 Responses

  1. Beautiful. I am going to have to visit one day!

  2. Omg I love your side braid!!! Can you pls do a tutorial? hehe
    What other funky cool things you can do with your hair?

    I just mastered the milkmaid braid.

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