Back in Austria

We are back in Austria and it is a mysterious feeling of feeling home. I feel home in Sweden too, actually wherever we unpack our bags we feel at home, but still this is special! It has been almost one year since our move to Sweden, and this is my first time back. B and the kids went in the summer.

Anyways, we booked a flight from Copenhagen directly to Vienna, and in the planning phase train from Gothenburg to Copenhagen seemed like a great idea. Then the closer we got, the more nervous I got about travelling with wild and wilder. However, the kids were amazing!!! Vince was really excited and stayed calm, only bribe was a Subway meal for lunch to bring on the train. Edgar still had a fever but was really in a great spirit too.
Vince fell a sleep before the plane left, and Edgar a few minutes later. Mr B slept too and I spent the flight reading magazines, just like in pre-kids days.
Getting on the train at home.
On the train
Waiting for dinner at the airport


Third gate change in 20min…

Whose kid is that?

At Vienna International Airport 10.30 pm

7 Responses

  1. Sounds like a dream!!!

  2. Sötingarna! Men jag vill ha knepen inna Mallis!! Mina ungarnas aldrig suttit still på ett plan. Kan du uppfostra dem på en månad?

  3. Your children are adorable. Vince looks like he is one happy guy. Several years ago I read a wonderful book about a woman who gives birth to a son with Down’s Syndrome. It was one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read. (Looking up the title). “Expecting Adam: A Story of Birth, Rebirth, and Everyday Magic.” Perhaps you already know it. Lovely blog.

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