The Non-Swede

We have been in Sweden for 9 months now. So how is Mr B, the only Non-Swede in the family taking our move to Sweden?
Well, for starters he has an ultra-Swedish job, working for Volvo.
Furthermore he claims to love Thursday and the standard food of yellow pea-soup that is served then. He has mastered the art of “fika” (coffe and cake break people, not Austrian fika (google that if you dare)). He drinks milk to most meals, making the four of us consume around 15 liters of milk a week.

He has Swedish classes at work, and he has moved up to a new level. He is now in a class with some others who have been here for more than five years. He understands everything and is doing a great job talking seedish to everyone, eventhough most people keep talking english to him.

Things we still need to get used to:
– cash is not king. You can not pay busses, train, trams etc with cash
– January: seriously, can someone just scratch this gray crappy month?
– rigid Swedes – is there no way to convince bureacrats, offices etc to not ALWAYS follow the correct procedures ( my God!)?
-people not saying Hello/How are you when you are at the cash register/ waiting in line at the bus etc.
– the banks do not handle money. If you need to get cash and cannot use an atm for some reason, you need to call ahead if you want more than 5000 sek (500euro ca). Also you can not deposit cash into your account very easily… At least not at a bank. True story!
-kebab-pizza, I guess you have to be Swedish to understand that. I will get him to like this one day!
-bearnaise-sauce served to EVERYTHING. Swedes do not even realize this.


12 Responses

  1. Skrattar gott! 😀

  2. Peter tycker om kebabpizza 🙂

  3. Very interesting!!

  4. Klockren analys! Och från och med nu pratar jag endast svenska med Mr B.

  5. this is hilarious. I love the photo.


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