Lina – Why Did We Not Do This Sooner

I have been reading FB status updates for the last year or so about friends having Linas Matkasse. It is a service which has 5 menues per week, and all the ingredients are delivered fresh to you on Sunday or Monday night. Recipes, how to prepare and some other info comes in a little booklet along with the food. As much as possible (this is Sweden and temps are currently around -15c daytime), the food is grown local, organic and all meals include vegetables or salad.

So two weeks ago I decided to try it. I don’t mind cooking, but getting a healthy meal in after working all day, picking the kids up from school and daycare, has a tendency to always be the same: pasta or chicken. Hence, I signed in for Linas Barnkasse, child friendly meals which will all be done in 30 minutes or less.

On Monday our first delivery came and this week has been great! Easy to do, the kids were helping without too much drama, and to know already in the morning what will be for dinner, knowing all ingredients are there and for there to be healthy, new ideas everyday has been great! We are definitely continuing this!

Pizza gratain with mozerra and pasta with haircots verts

Järpar with garlic and asian spices (think mini meatloaf/meatball type of thing) with rice and mango sweet and sour sauce.

Happy kids!

8 Responses

  1. Wow – looks yummy. I have started to plan our meals and choose them from books. It is so much easier when you know what you are having. 🙂

  2. Vill med ha Lina…

  3. Linas är superbra! Och maten är så gott som alltid väldigt god!

  4. Agree – Linas är bra!

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