Edgar Edgarson

Eds is in a mostly funny phase. He has dropped a lot of the drama and all of a sudden he is mostly a delight. One day during Christmas break he decided he would no longer wear diapers. On this particular day we were going by train and cable car to the hospital with my dad. It was -10c outside and not the best day to go diaperless. Well, there was no reason to discuss with him, he had already made his mind up. Said and done, since that day he is done with diapers both day and night! He is doing excellent! (Side note: my kid w Down syndrome was done with diapers during the day when he was 2 years 10 months, and 2 months later at night time. Eds my ‘typical kid’ was 3 years 3 months…)

Eds is also obsessed with tools, worker pants and carpenting. And nail polish. He knows how to stay cool.

He also has a perfect poker face. Along with his love for tools and doing drawing of what to build, comes the pencil marks all over the house. On the walls, in the stairs, on floors, in the refrigerator and on tables. When I ask him if he did it, he always says no. When asked if he knows who it was it is always clear:
– It was dad, I saw him.


11 Responses

  1. Haha, klart det är pappa som går runt och klottrar i huset! 😀

  2. Håller på Ed, Bookie är säkert skurken.

  3. Smart liten kille…

  4. Här är det katten Rosa som får skit för att det står “Anna-Klara” över hela huset…

  5. I love it when they blame people not even in the house!

  6. haha I predict you’ll be visiting a few galleries showcasing artwork from the boys in the future. 😉

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