About that speech:

Vince has improved enormously over the last half year. He has quickly picked up signing in Swedish from school and his assistants. Mr B and I are waaaay behind him in signing. However, since hardly no one signed around him in Austria, Vince is used to people not understanding sign language and he has developed his own way of signing til you understand.
We have gotten help from our speech therapist here too and she quickly realized that Vince is really good at recognizing pictures so she has made many communication charts for us that work well. Especially when it comes to expressing feeling such as angry, sad etc. They are also great for preparing things we are about to do. We use a program called InPrint.

With that said, Vince’s speech and verbal communication is at a level I did not think he would be at a year ago. He is slowly cracking the speech code, which also has an impact in how he interacts with his non-ds peers in school.

Do we have a long way to go?
Am I convinced he will speak clearly and understandably to everyone in the future?

13 Responses

  1. Han är ju superduktig!

  2. Vad roligt att han har gjort sa stora framsteg.

  3. Waaaaoooow! Och minsann om jag inte tror att han kommer anamma ett halländskt tungrots-R också! Heja Vince!

  4. Nu fick jag mig ett gott skratt. De är ju för härliga! Jag tycker som V. U är en rätt rolig bokstav.

  5. Children will always be faster at learning things than us which is most frustrating but I am pleased to hear you being so up beat. YAY.

  6. Oh Vince, you melt my heart with each alphabet! Good job Vince!

    One trick I learnt from a speech therapist in encouraging more movement of certain mouth and tongue muscles, you dab Nutella at the above/far corners of his mouth and watch him “stretch” those dormant muscles like he’s never had. It’s a fun exercise since some of them can have “lazy” tongues.

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