2013 so far

I know, hello blog, it has been a while…
I am going to make a serious attempt to get a lot better…

I am hone with Vince today. He has a cold that never seems to be getting better. So movies, sleep and couch hanging is what is up today.


2013 so far:
– My dad is done with radiation! He had 30 rounds and is feeling tired but Ok.
– I joined a gym to help work on my strength and hopefully improve my running results. Their schedules is fitting well with my lunch break. So far i tried TRX and kettle bells classes.
– We booked a trip to Austria for a long Easter holiday.
– We booked a family trip to Dennark and the Reef Hotel in Feb.
– I have been running as much as the continuos colds allow, and it is such a HUGE difference running with someone vs. alone. This weekend we did 31k (sat+sun) in -10c wether. Awesome way to start the day!
-Work is busy but good!

8 Responses

  1. No wonder you have not had time to post – so busy 🙂 Hope your Dad continues to feel ok.

  2. Hälsa svennen på bilden att Lowa vill komma och leka med hans tågbana. Krya!

  3. Härligt med uppdatering, keep it up!
    Jobbar du sent en torsdag så häng med mig på Kettlebell här 🙂 Alltid kul med sällskap!!
    Hade blodsmak i munnen förra veckan.

    Krya på sig till Vince!

    Ps:du har sms:-)

    Kram ❤

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