The Running Year 2012

The plan was to run a last 10k today with a newfound local running friend. A cold and throat ache ended that idea. This cold sucks, it is going back and forth making no real sense and I just want to feel fine again.

With that said, 2012 was a pretty good running year for me. I ran a little over 1300ks. The winter wether here makes it tough sometimes, if it is below -12c, I do not run. However, I did sign up for Nordic Military Training classes starting next week, which should add an interesting cross fit aspect and hopefully boost my times in 2013. I am only signed up for Göteborgsvarvet on May 18th (the world’s largest half marathon), and I am planning to run Lidingöloppet in September again.

But this was running 2012:

Race 1: Grazer half marathon. March 22 in +22c. Graz, Austria
A beautiful trail along the river Mur in Graz, Austria. Not well organized at all, and they ran out of water at the water check points. Final time 1.59.13.

Race 2: Göteborgsvarvet May 12, 10c
Göteborg, Sweden.
My first time for this half marathon, which is the world’s largest and goes through downtown Göteborg and across two big bridges. A beautiful route, a really great planed race. A lot of fun, and I signed up for it for it for 2013 immediately. I had a cold and was congested, so I was not so pleased with my time, 2.01.33. At least I have a time to beat for 2013.

Race 3: Kraftprovet, 18c, Trollhättan Sweden July.
An 11.6k terrain race with a LOT of hills. Fun, well organized and a new distance that was a good challange. Planning to do this race again in 2013. Helps that the start is about 200m from my job.


Race 4: Lidingöloppet September 10c, Stockholm, Sweden.
Lidingöloppet is the world’s largest terrain race. The distances are 10, 15 and 30k. The 30k is said to be tougher than a full marathon because of the many hills. I did the 15k distance. The time was 1.26.28, which I was really happy with! I ran the race along with many others from the Swedish Down Syndrome organization to raise awareness of Down syndrome (more pics here). The race was a lot of fun and I hope to run it again in 2013. The plan is for Vince to run the little kid’s race which is 1k. We will see 🙂



Happy New Year

12 Responses

  1. Bäst!

  2. Duktiga du!

  3. Sounds as if you have had a great year. Your times are amazing, especially with the temperature extremes
    Congratulations and here is to an even better year.

  4. Gott nytt år fina Kicki till dig och lilla familjen!!
    Kram Emma

  5. Det är så imponerande. Och snygg är du också. 🙂

  6. Nordic Military Training classes – ARE YOU INSANE!!! Sounds horrible! HAHAHAHHAA :0)

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