December 13 and it was time for Edgar’s first Lucia performance. He was choosing between being a Lucia and a ginger bread man, and decided for option two. However, as it was time to get dressed he refused to be said ginger bread man, and only compromised by being a worker, so work pants on (like every single other day, why the h**l did I ever think they were a good pair to buy???) and his ginger bread shirt and hat with that. He did not once open his mouth to sing, but stayed on stage all through the performance.
See for yourself!




9 Responses

  1. he is adorable. as always.

  2. Underbara unge!

  3. Söt som socker! Kanske ska du vara glad att han inte sjöng?! Det gjorde min unge. Han tog i för kung och fosterland och det lät förskräckligt- haha :0)

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