Morning Glory

Hanging with Vince on the couch before heading out in the snow storm to go to radiation with my dad followed by a doctor’s appointment, then quick hospital cafeteria lunch before heading over to the second hospital in Göteborg to pick up Vincent’s newly molded winter shoes.


9 Responses

  1. Ha en bra dag, trots trista aktiviteter! Stor kram

  2. Hi Christina, my daughter is 19 months and has translocation. 21:21. With 46 chromosomes, I would Like to find out more on her condition can you recommend any suitable sites to look at

    • Hello! I have not found any good t21,21 pages. You could write a fb message to aymee ayrington, she is getting her phd in genetics looking at t21:21. Tell her I sent you to her:)

  3. You must sick of the places!

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