The snow finally came to Surte. The kids are thrilled to spend the day riding sledges down the hills. Both of them refuse to wear gloves. I spent about a zillion SEK (Swedish Krona) on gloves of all types and designs. Edgar will wear his Spiderman gloves, but they have no finger tips, and are not really enough for -9c which was the high today. Vince refuses all types of gloves, and apparently preferred blue hands to wearing gloves.

My dad had his third round of radiation today and he started on chemo yesterday. So far he is feeling fine and no nausea. My mom, my brother, Bookie and I take turns on hanging with him for radiation. He is doing it in-patient and just goes to the hospital for his radiation and then goes back home. The chemo is in tablet form, the only way to get it past the cerebral cortex.

I am really thankful that I am back in Sweden. Firstly, to be close to my dad and my family and friends who are all the bestest of the best. Secondly, for the medical and health system. We have had a great experience with all the people we have met along this ‘journey’ and things like free medicines, appointments and transportation to and from the hospital once you reach costs of 2000SEK (ca 250 USD).

What else is going on with us?
Christmas season is here providing lots of lights. I love it. So does the kids. Vince is being VERY patience with his advent calendars (Lego City, Bamse and chocolate), while Edgar has no patience whatsoever and wants to open all doors every morning, usually ending in the regular drama.


We LOVE the house. Edgar is obsessed with helping B fixing things around here. He is currently awake way past his bed time helping Mr B with something. We finally got the fence up, which keeps the kids in,but apparently not the moose out. With a bit of luck our apple trees will survive the winter instead of being moose food…

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  1. Glad your Dad is ok so far….. -9 is very cold and reminds me that I must not complain about our temps! I now do not feel so bad about my son wearing shorts yesterday (we got a lot of disapproving looks!).

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