Cancer Update

My dad had surgery last Thursday. The doctors were able to remove almost all of the tumor. They took away what they believe is all of it, but it is impossible to say if some cancer cells remain. My dad was doing great and was walking and eating on Friday. Then things turned scary and there was a bleeding in the brain. A new surgery was necessary to stop the bleeding. It also went fine in terms of the brain, but his heart was taking a toll. He has not yet responded as wished for on the heart medicines he was put on, but the doctors decided to wait with a new heart surgery (electric conversion) till he is more stable.
He has been moved to the hospital closer to home and he is doing a lot better every day.
Tomorrow we will get the results on what exact type of cancer tumor it is. We have been told it is the most malignt type there is, so we already suspect that will be confirmed. It is also believed it started to grow in August, so it has grown very fast. Future treatment plans will be discussed tomorrow as well. Thanks everyone for kind words and support!!!

Sunday, the day after my dad’s second brain surgery in three days. Sharing candy with my mom in the break room.

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11 Responses

  1. Vilken söt bild. Kramar till er allihop.

  2. Kärlek i bild!

  3. fingers crossed that it’s all the best possible news from here on out. xoxoxo

  4. Praying for you. I have experienced your situation. My mom was diagnosed with a glioma. Your dad looks so good after his second surgery. Wishing good news for you!

  5. Ich drück euch die Daumen. Krebs ist einfach scheiße. Alles gute aus Germany.

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