Beyblades are big in Vince’s school. And Vince is more than mighty impressed. Vince has made friends with a lot of kids and he is constantly hanging with the beybladers. I was informed a while back about the situation, and I looked the toys up in a store without really getting the cool thing about them (total sign of being an uncool mom, I do recognise that…) so I decided not to buy one. Then Vince friend T got one. T and Vince are really good friends. It might even be so that little miss T is quite smitten by Vince and Vince sometimes abuses that point. Apparently so on the beyblade side. I was told (via our school communication book) that Vince now took Ts beyblade and treated it like his own and refused to give it back. Hence me heading back to the toy store to pick up a beyblade for Vince. Had I known how happy he would be, I would have gotten him one a long time ago!




3 Responses

  1. The first of many crazes I suspect 🙂

  2. Missed you! Have been following your trek to Sweden etc on the sly..
    I can not believe how big V is. Big Big (((HUGS))) to you –

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