Perspectives (or f**k cancer)

This fall has been pretty rough. Or so I thought till about a week and a half ago.
School start for Vince and getting settled in Sweden (mainly things for Vince) and yet another move. This time, into our newly bought house  (this time we are planning to stay here for a while), Between that and a billion meetings all over, I was beginning to run out of energy for real.

Then last Monday happened and now I can not even remember exactly what part of my life was hard to deal with before that.

I got a call that my dad was on the way to the ER in an ambulance. My mom was out-of-town,and I was only about an hour from the hospital.

Around 3 am in the morning, it was decided that my dad would stay in the hospital over night. The doctors suspected a stroke. I was devastated. By lunch the next day a stroke had been ruled out, but instead they found a swelling of the brain, and they were almost positive it was a tumor. All of a sudden a stroke seemed like a jack pot in comparison to a possible cancer.
Two days later the tumor was confirmed as a big, aggressive, malignant tumor growing fastly.

All pictures and x-rays were sent to a group of brain experts and today we got the answer from them. My dad can and will have surgery within two weeks. It is a big tumor and it is a bad tumor. They do not know as of now how much can be removed. Still it feels like a huge relief that they believe in surgery.

I just cannot remember exactly why I felt so stressed out two weeks ago about my life. Looking back, it seems pretty worry free.  And it pisses me off that it needs to take an effing cancer to make me realize that. Cancer sucks, and I have been lucky enough not to have it around me or my family for a very long time. Friends of friends, but not me, not us. All as of one and a half week ago.

Just like that all the things that matters get put in perspectives and you get to re-evaluate life. Slow down to catch a breath and hug who you love.


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23 Responses

  1. Kramar…

  2. Ich will Dir einfach sagen, dass es mir voll leid tut und ich Deinem PApa Alles Gute wünsche ❤

  3. It is horrid how really bad things put things into perspective. Sending you loads of hugs. Hope the surgery goes as planned. xx

  4. Kicki, kramar till dig

  5. Önskar bara jag kunde säga något som fick dig att må bättre… Tänker på dig och din familj! Håller min bästa tumme för att allt ska gå vägen.

  6. Oh, Christina, I’m so, so sorry. Thinking of your you, your father and the rest of your family, hoping for surgical success…

  7. I’m glad to hear that he is a candidate for surgery (although I’m sure that is scary to think about too!). At least they can actively work to get it out of him. Please know that you are surrounded, even across the ocean, with lots of love, hugs, positive thoughts, and prayers.

  8. Alles,alles Gute für Eure ganze Familie.

  9. Hallo Christina! Alles Gute für deinen Papa und ganz viel Kraft an euch alle. LG. Sabine

  10. I am soooo sorry for you and your family…pls. Try to be positive. My dad was very very ill, and the doctors gave him not more than 3 months…now thats 3 years back…believe it will be fine!!, thinking of you all the time!!! Sending hugs and kisses!!!

  11. Es wird sicher alles gut werden! Denk positiv, so oft ist man erstmal geschockt und dann wird alles gut! Bussi Elke

  12. Both Franz and I were very sorry to read about your dad. We wish him the best of luck and a team of excellent surgeons – and you and your family a lot of faith, energy and optimism. All the best!!!!

  13. Dear Christina, I am a silent reader from Austria – cancer really sucks. And I think about you and your dad and your family. Good thing they can and will do surgery, I am sure you get the best doctor’s!
    all the best!

  14. I hate cancer with the fire of a million suns. Eff it, indeed.
    So sorry it’s touched your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers. xoxo

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