A Few Cools

1. We were driving home from school the other day. Vince was as usual sitting with the window down on his side, letting the wind blow his hair around. We were driving down the main street in our Stars Hollow sized town, when we saw three girls around 12 years old walking home from school. As we drove by they said “Hey that is Vincent” and they all waved.

2. Vince had a friend over tonight. His own friend. They play and argue like an old married couple and protect each other. Real friendship.

3. Right after his friend left, the door bell rang. Outside were four, to me, unknown kids. They asked if this was where Vincent lived. So I called him to the door. They told me they go to school with Vince. They were between 6-10 years old. The 9-year-old boy told me he takes care of Vincent at school and helps him if he needs something at break time. They also told me Vince has tought them many signs, and that Vince is good at soccer. It was almost time for my kids to go to bed, so I told the kids to come back another day to play, and I told them where our house is we are moving to soon is. The boy then spoke up and was worried that Vince was not going to stay in this school. I told him Vince would and his reply was cool, I like Vincent.

4. As I dropped of at school today, Vince assistant T told me about last week when Vince wanted to go play soccer with the 6th graders. We live is a place where sports is everything, so these kids are good. And shoot hard. T walked to the soccer field with Vince, and at first they just looked from the sidelines. Then Vince wanted to join the game. At first the kids looked at T kind of like ‘take him out of here’, then one kid spoke up and said “just let him play, he is just running after the ball anyways”. Another boy agreed and Vince was allowed to play with the big kids. He played with them till the bell rang and it was time to go back.

These four things may seem small, but to me they made a world of difference.
No one told the kids to act in a certain way, these kids took it upon themselves to reach out, ask and accept. There are a lot of good people in the world!

7 Responses

  1. Ja, ibland märker man hur underbara ungar, och ungdomar, faktiskt kan vara. Härligt att höra positiva reaktioner istället för de negativa man oftast hör om. Och härligt för Vincent att han är så omtyckt. Och så klart härligt för Vincents föräldrar…

  2. Toppen, toppen, toppen!!!

  3. Coola saker händer kring coola killar! Och Vincent är cool!

  4. That is so good to hear!!

  5. Das sind keine Kleinigkeiten, das ist großartig 🙂
    Alles Gute weiterhin, ich freue mich immer, wenn es in diesem Blog Neuigkeiten gibt.

  6. Children are usually very accepting. I just don’t know where or when it goes wrong!

  7. That is SOOOO cool!!!! Noah (5 with Down syndrome) is just starting to be around other kids (he has many siblings and is homeschooled, so he is pretty sheltered), and pity the poor kid who is unkind to him! I absolutely shudder to think of it. I hope the kids out here are as kind as the kids where you are.


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