Just sometimes they are actually playing along rather nice. But first, a short recap of today.

Vince originally had an appointment at the orthopedic’s next Monday, turns out schoolpics are scheduled for then. Swell and dandy, not. So I managed to reschedule for today, that was the only opening in forever. Only problem, today school and day care was closed and Mr B out-of-town on a business trip. Hence, I had to take both of the terrorists with me to the orthopedic office downtown Gothenburg. I hate driving in the city on my own, and I really had no clue where I was going and the two pretend police officers (very loud police sirens from the top of their lungs), did not help.

I stressed about this situation ever since I realized the perfect timing of it (i.e being outnumbered by my offspring). I called the place up and asked them if they could help me reduced the waiting time to a minimum, as we are simply not very good with waiting rooms. They were very polite and said they would try.

We arrived about 10 min before our appointment and after Vince having tried to climb into the huge cylinder aquarium in the middle of the room, Edgar having thrown knee orthopedic supports (that apparently were toys in the waiting room area), we were called in after just three minutes.

Vince semi-cooperated and we managed to try out two pair of shoes. Or, that was a lie, we managed to have him try exactly one shoe, but we decided on two pairs. Vince has very wide and high feet, and also very flat feet. It is hard finding shoes that fit him, so we went with the options we were shown. Bonus points for them not looking horrible as well which this shallow mom likes.

After having bribed Vince with both an i-Pad and i-phone, we managed to get his feet measured and the molds in the mushy box. Getting him to cooperate for a mold made out of a cast, not even close. Edgar was being wonderful, which may have had something to do with the pack of 12 cinnabons he had all to himself. He tagged along a few feet behind us, happy as a lark with his cinnabons. Totally excited about not having to be examined himself.

Vince tried to break loose and head for the emergency exit about three times, and he managed to hit the key board on the doctor’s computer twice causing minor deletion. Other than that, we did just fine. In my mid it was a complete success. However, the people at the orthopedic’s office might see it slightly different. I was soaked in sweat walking out of there.

Then we headed south to meet up with a friend I went to school with in Hawaii. Off to a play land we went and the kids played for over four hours. We were able to somewhat catch up! So all in all, a great day.

Here the clip from true brotherly love:

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  1. Tack själv för en trevlig eftermiddag. Nästa gång blir det bara vi två…och tusen andra löpare…

  2. I am sure that they are used to it. You should see mine in hospitals, fine in the waiting room and then awful in the consultation. I have managed to arrange it so that I can take 1 tomorrow to the hospital and not all of them. These situations are always difficult at the best of times and I think it sounds as if you did a really good job. Well done. 🙂

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