Liseberg again

Vince and I went back to Liseberg today together with my brother and his two kids. And about half of Sweden (the other half of Sweden was on the beach). All though the park was crowded,we enjoyed a perfect day of entertainment and thanks to the disability passes we did not need to wait inline for a single ride. The longest we had to wait was for the elevator up to the big roller coaster, and that was about 5 min, and inside an air-conditioned room. All in all a total success that ended with coming home to set table with steaks right of the grill that Mr B and Edgar had prepared. After that ice cream and a lake swim. Finally, summer is really here!

Being a pilot is still a favorite

Tea cup family pic 🙂

Vince and cousin Tore being goof balls (Tore is Vince’s big idol).

Carrot throwing


Vince wanted to go on this one too, his mom not so much… My brother and Ingrid are up there somewhere

Ingrid hit the jack pot and won close to Vincent’s birth weight in chocolate

The flume ride is still the best!

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