Vince and I had a thing to do downtown Gothenburg today. So why not try Liseberg, the largest amusement park in the Nordic area.It was a hit. First of all, I must say it was VERY disability friendly. We walked up to the information and was promptly brought inside, and did not need to stand in line for tickets at all. We then received our ‘disability’ cards (which does not require a doctor’s note or disability id card).

The disability card (which is actually a bracelet) allows you to go straight onto all rides without having to wait in line. If you wonder why, waiting in line is simply a thing that is not possible with Vincent. You may think no child likes waiting, which might be true, but it goes to the point of melt down times 100 to explain it the easy way when we have to wait. So the walk straight up to the ride was wonderful! In addition, you have the opportunity to go twice in a row, which we did on every single ride we tried.
EVERYONE in the park, and at all rides were extremely well-informed and nice and it made the experience very pleasant.

We are definitely going back soon again!

About to take off on a roller coaster



We went on the big flume ride too! He loved it, but he was sitting in front of me, so not part of this pic.

Flying high with his friend Tea.

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  1. Så glad man blir av att läsa detta! Kul att ni hade en så trevlig dag!

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