Hair Cut

It looked like it would go ok to begin with… The woman who was to cut his hair has a lot of experience with cutting kids with autism hair. She was great, patient, spoke to him down on the floor, tried everything, but she could not even get Vince to sit in the chair. It ended with panick, tears and screams that were over the minute we walked out the door. He hyperventilating for a bit longer. The outcome? I was probably just as sad as Vince. If it was not for the fact that he hates when the hair gets into face, i would not care, he could happily have really long hair for me, but he hates it and gets really annoyed with it. So.
I had an appointment with his new special therapist and the new occupational therapist the next day. It was scheduled for weeks but came just at the right time. We have tried everything i think. I now cut his hair in his sleep, but even then he wakes up crying, saying that it hurts. He begs me to stop. He is absolutely terrified. I have tried candy, toys, movies, iPad, chips. Ice cream, playing in the sink, in the bath tub, we have watched you tube clips and talked about ut. Nothing works. The OT was great, understanding and her suggestion was trying medicine that will calm him down before going to get his hair cut. Crazy you say? I say this is what may work for us and mainly for Vince. So that is where we stand with cutting hair…

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  1. I say you do what works for you both!

  2. I hear ya! Six years now we’ve been trying everything nothing works it takes two to cut his hair him screaming bloody murder the whole time. That’s why we shave it short on the sides so it has a long grow out time. Good luck! Love the new house!

    • I know the feeling, A buzz cut would be impossible w Vince he is absolutely terrified of the trimmer. That was what freaked him out in the first place.
      Thanks, we are super excited about the house too! xo

  3. Funkar det inte att sätta upp håret med toffs? Annars är jag helt med på att söva ungen; gör det som funkar!

  4. Hang in there Christina! I can honestly tell you I never thought the day would come that Leo would come ’round to letting someone cut his hair. Or look in his ears. For the record, he was 7 1/2 when it happened, so Vince still has time. I know Vince will get there. By the way, the boys are so beautiful and so grown up looking! Miss you! xoxo

    • Thanks Maya! It is really great comfort to hear, and I know how much trouble you had, so I hope their will be a time for us when it just changes too!
      Miss you too! xoxoxo

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