We Bought a House!

We heard of a house maybe coming out on the market last Thursday, by Tuesday we had signed the papers (pending our inspection, if that does not go well we can cancel the whole deal if we want to, one inspection has already been done). We get the keys on August 31. I guess that means we will stay in Sweden for a while:

Our new white house!

I am thinking I will sit in front of that fire from September till May… And forget about the tiled arch in the back, that is going…

15 Responses

  1. Woo hoo!!!

  2. Wünschen euch alles Gute im neuen Haus ab Herbst, und wenn ihr einen Gärtner braucht …

  3. Jag sitter gärna där med dig! Stort grattis till husköp!

  4. Wow that was quick work but iit does look adorable. Congratulations.

  5. I love it!!! Congrats!!!

  6. Verkligen superfint nu när jag oxå fått se det! Och the tiled arch is not that bad. Fråga om du får behålla gardinerna på övervåningen också! Fixar du lite chippe till chillandet framför brasan så är jag med :0)

  7. woohooo!!! cool, sehr schönes haus … gratulation und liebe grüße aus der steiermark, santi+tim+nicole

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