What Race is Next?

I signed up for Kraftprovet in Trollhättan on July 20. That is a 11.6k run.

I signed up for Lidingöloppet (the 15k distance) which is on Saturday 29 September. That should be a lot of fun. I am running for the Swedish Down Syndrome Organization and it will be great to meet Ylva (she will kick my a*s once again) and Masarinmamman IRL who are also running. And I convinced Mirran to fly in from the UK, just to participate too! Awesome!

I would like to do Tjurruset, but I am not sure I am brave enough… Need to think about it for a bit, the clips I have seen from last years are a bit, hmm, much? cold looking (it is in October in Sweden)? but still tempting somehow… It is full now, but they may let more people in once the trail have been decided on.

One Response

  1. Och givetvis bestämde sig mitt knä för att bråka nu, men jag vilar en vecka och sen jäklar ska det tränas inför september!

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