Göteborgsvarvet in Numbers

It has been 2 weeks, but I forgot to hit post on this post.

62,513 ran the halfmarathon.

32.7% were female runners.
Median race time men/women: 1.54.49/2.07.30

My place was 5310 total and 938 among the women.

Placering 5310
Placering (Åldersklass) 938
Totaltid 02:01:33
Genomsnittsfart 05.46 min/km
Split Klockan Tid Sträcktid min/km km/h Plac.
5K 15:08:19 00:28:57 28:57 05:48 10.36 6624
10K 15:36:59 00:57:37 28:40 05:44 10.47 6441
15K 16:05:25 01:26:03 28:26 05:42 10.55 5740
20K 16:34:51 01:55:29 29:26 05:54 10.19 5332
Mål 16:40:55 02:01:33 06:04 05:32 10.86 5310

It bugs the hell out of me that I did not get under 2 hours, but I guess I have a new goal to meet for next years race. I already booked a place, as they fill up quickly!
The race was fun! The kilometers went by really quickly and I enjoyed it. The streets were lined with people cheering the whole way from start to finnish. So it was an amazing feeling. I wish I had stayed healthy the week before I would have been under the two hours mark… Anyways…

Everyone kept talking about the first bridge, Älvsborgsbron, which comes after about 4km. It was loooong. But I ran behind a large man who kept most of the  head winds away from me.

The second bridge was fine, minus that it was narrower and my music and Garmin was turned of by a guy who ran passed me. So when I checked and had 1.18 at 16 km and was thrilled with my pace, just to realize at at 17km I was still at 1.18 time, I actually had no clue about my pace….Still, the greatest race I have participated in, and for sure a race I want to run many many more times.’

About 8ks into the race

Around 12k

Onto Avenyn, ca 16k

Rounding Götaplatsen, ca 17k

After the finish line

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