Kosläpp Apparently very In in Sweden

In order not to deprive our kids of the apparent new trend, we packed a picnic and set of with the GPS set in the car. Off we went to an Arla (a dairy company who supplies a lot of milk and dairy products in Scandinavia) farm just south of Gothenburg. The weather was beautiful, and Mr H of this family hade made reservations for all of us. Spring has finally come to Sweden, and with it arrived the typical must for a Swede. That means that you have to be outside between 10am and 2 pm (at least) whenever the sun is shining. No matter what the temperature measures, the sun shines, out you go. However today the weather was absolutely wonderful. Hence, it seemed like most in families of Gothenburg was there just right along with us. At least the ones that are in. Cause the new in thing for families is to go and witness the Kosläpp, which simply translates into letting the cows out, like in letting the cows out after the winter.

We were at the farm shortly before 10. The caravan of Volvo’s filled with Swedish families kept arriving for the next hour and a half. Rumor has it that it was over 1000 cars in the parking meadow.
The three Vs in Sweden represents Villa, Volvo, Vovve, having those three and you hit the standard Swedes milestones. Villa = house, Volvo= the car, and vovve= a dog.

Eds checking the cows out before they were let out.

A very Swedish picnic including meatballs.

kosläpp 2
Friends! Photo creds to Fru Tell.

kosläpp 1
And finally the cows came out

Oh how his speech therapists will be pleased seeing him practice in his free time….

Mr B braving the Swedish crowds and culture fairly well!

11 Responses

  1. Glädjer mig att ni roar er på landet med lantligt sällskap. Varmt välkomna till Värmland för att även stifta bekanstskap med den lite mindre, ulliga modellen av 4-magade djur.

  2. En härligt smått kaotisk tillställning :0)

  3. Looks like you had a great time! 🙂

  4. Interesting! I didn’t know this was part of the tradition except to say that the bon fire ceremony derived from letting the farm animals lose on thsi day! Very cool, nice to see something other than bonfires!

    • I think the cows have always been let out around this time, but recently Arla and Wapnö etc added it to the back of the milk cartoons as something families (or whoever) could go watch and it really caught on.

  5. Greetings from Minnesota, US!

    I found your most helpful blogg in the process of translating a fresh new poem from another blogg, that of a young Swedish writer and musician in Ljungby.

    The gentleman entitled his poem today, 5:e maj 2012, “Kosläpp i min själ!” I trust when my translation is complete I shall read of most exuberant frolics in the meadow (and the soul).

    My wish is that each of your sons will wake up every Spring morning and feel “Kosläpp i min själ!” Enjoy frisking in the sun from 10 ’til 2 these halcyon days of your young lives.


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