Last night was parents teachers conference in Vincent’s future school. The principal had gathered all parents of the new kids and along with the teacher he presented the philosophy and strategy that they believe in when it comes to teaching 6 year olds.

We have chosen a ‘normal’ school for Vincent and he will start at the same time (not delayed a year) as if he had been born without Down syndrome. If you have followed my blog you know that one of the main reasons for moving to Sweden was to try to find a good school for Vincent. So far, we are  very happy.

There will be 17 kids in Vincent’s class. Three of them have Down syndrome. That is a coincidence (minus us who actually moved here because families around here with kids with disabilities were all very satisfied with school,s support etc). There are two teachers in the classroom and two ‘helpers’ plus one special ed teacher. All for these 17 kids. The principal had done his research on Down syndrome and used useful statistics (how great kids with DS learn when in an encouraging environment etc), and he really made a strong stand point that Vince and his two fellow friends with DS definitely belong in this school. It is also nice that most parents are already familiar with the kids in the class having DS.

A bonus is of course also that from the 17 kids, I believe only 3 are kids not at Vincent’s current day care. So he will know almost everybody when they start. Kindergarten also have a great school prepping program, where the teachers come to Kindergarten to visit  now in April and May. The kids will also go to the school and eat lunch and see their class room a few times. I really like it.

Of course school has not even started yet, but not having to start with a fight to just get the resources and most importantly the support of the school itself is huge and a very welcoming relief.

12 Responses

  1. sigh. I may move over there. the attitude makes so much difference.

  2. Gud vad bra att lärarna och rektorn har den inställningen. Blir nog en bra skola för Vince och hans kompisar, med och utan DS.

  3. If you are happy and confident then it will have a positive impact on Vincent too. Hope it all continues as well 🙂

  4. Wow! That is great!! A good atmoshpere and environement with caring teachers and familiar classmates will make a big difference!

  5. vilken bra inskolning! Jag kände visserligen nästan alla i min klass när jag började ettan, men att de har så att lärarna kommer och hälsar på har jag inte hört förut. Det borde fler skolor ta efter!

  6. Det var jag, Emma som skrev det!

  7. Min dator uppdaterade inte det jag hade skrivit….;)

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