Moved In

We are pretty much all moved in. A few re-arrangements and we should be done. All that remains to be unpacked are two boxes, and a lot of things to hang.
The apartment is nice and considering the fact that we were unable to see it before we moved in,w e are satisfied. We are hoping to find a house within a year or so.

The kids started Kindergarten this week. Vince loved it from the get go and there was no issues at all. He recognized it when we drove by and was excited to go. Edgar on the other hand was more than a bit skeptical. He really, really loved his old KiGa. The first three days he would not let me more than a meter away, and finally on day four I HAD to run errands and get a few things set up. He was unhappy to say the least when I left, but when I called KiGa a few minutes later he was fine. So that is hopefully all set up now. Both kids stayed almost the whole day on Friday.

Mr B started working on Tuesday and he likes it so far. He is getting used to the numerous ‘fika’ breaks that are a must in Sweden. Basically it is a coffee break that usually involves some type of cinnabons. It happens at least two times during a work day (plus after breakfast and lunch, sometimes after dinner too).

I start working on Monday and I am excited about that. I will commute for about 45 min, but that should be fine. There is a new train track being built and it opens in Dec,so travelling time will be reduced than. I will also be able to work from at home a few days a week. Swell and dandy.

What else did we do?
We got declined to officially re-enter Sweden as Swedish citizens. They requested a lot more data and I was to call in on a certain day to  answer all the questions. Turned out we were fine, they were confused about the two applications (one for me and the kids and one for Mr B who arrived later).

We had a Dr’s appointment with Vince new Dr and he seems good, well informed about DS and listen to us.

We got the cars imported, which was a bit more difficult than originally explained due to that could only be done at a few specific locations in Sweden. That was awesome. Not.

First meal at home!

Breakfast. Not sure what the story is about the helmet….

Oma and Opa had packed some Easter gifts!

An Opa built Volvo truck!

11 Responses

  1. I could go for a cinnabon break a few times a day.

    what’s your job? did I miss the details on that?

    are they in school together?

    I have so many questions. Sorry! Glad you’re settling in.

  2. Hey!
    Nice to hear, that you are all fine!!!
    Edgar is wearing the fantastic gloves on the first picture 😉 A real man :-), or not!
    Wish you and aour family a fantastic start in your swedish life… Hope to hear you soon!
    Greatings too your guys!
    kiss C and B

  3. Alles Gute für den Neustart!!! liebe Grüße aus der Stmk, Santi&Nicole

  4. Har ni hunnit med fredagsmys? 😉

  5. Hahaha, och B hade signat upp sig på the fikalista already?! Btw så känner jag knappt igen Lillfjant – han är så stor nu!!! Hoppas vi ses snart, miss u heaps.


  6. Hallo nach Schweden! Schön von euch zu lesen. Freut uns, dass es euch gut geht. Liebe Grüße Charly
    und Sandra mit kids.

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