We are here in Sweden. The flight took a few years of my life off. The first flight was simply horrible. For me, for the kids, and most certainly for everyone around us. We were then rushed to the gate of our next flight by a stewardess just to have to wait in a line for 25 minutes. But at this point the kids were mostly OK. The second flight was OK. Relatively speaking.

The apartment is fine, I picked up the keys yesterday. The moving truck is coming today and I am meeting it around lunch. B is arriving with the car sometime this afternoon. We also need to head over and sign us in as living in Sweden now and to get signed up for the insurance package. All day with the two mini-terrorists in tow:)

5 Responses

  1. Välkommen!

  2. Känner det i luften! Puss.

  3. Puss o välkommen!

  4. Hi Kiki, Vincent, Edgar and Mr. B,

    we are sorry that you left Austria on the one hand, on the other hand we are happy that we now have a basecamp for visiting sweden in the near future.
    Please keep an eye on climbing spots in your surrounding, I´m looking forward in doing the first outdoor climbing moves on the rope with Edgar & Vincent 🙂

    Congratulations also for your half marathon time – Austria will always remember you as a “under 2 hours” finisher now…

    Enjoy your new home,
    the HuDie Gang from Steyr

  5. I “discovered” your blog a few days ago. Read some posts and really liked it and also the pics of your adorable boys – even if you declare them mini-terrorists ;).
    I wish you a good start in Sweden!
    … and I like “living life Upside Down”

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