Team Vincent and Team Edgar

Tomorrow is the last day in KiGa for the kids. I am extremely thankful for the superb teams our kids have had there. There is so much love there and both of the kids have always felt safe, loved and supported there. You know how some people are just perfect for their job? Well we were lucky enough to have 9 perfect teachers for our kids in KiGa. What more can you wish for as  a parent than personnel that genuinely loves and enjoys caring for your kids?

We are also saying good-bye to Vincent’s therapy team he has had for almost three years. I am amazed at these people. I am so thankful to have been in a place where there has been so much trust in Vincent and his ability, yet enough of a challenge to keep him motivated to keep learning. He has learned how to be more independent and they have challenged him to handle things like getting dressed (with jacket and shoes) alone, going to the bathroom alone, more advanced fine and motor skills, turn taking and rule understanding. He has also learned how to talk. He no longer whispers and lately everyone is telling me how much he speaks. We have had some ups and downs with the communication, but I am so thankful for this team and for that they stuck with us.

The movers are about to hit our home and I need to get going.
Here are the gifts for our teams. Thanks again bestest Miriam for taking the pictures.

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  1. Ååå, blir lite tårögd allt… Och finfina muggar ju!

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