About Time Now

About that half marathon: my legs are dead. I stretched but can’t walk upstairs and even less downstairs.

About that move: Movers are coming on Thursday. We have done nothing. Movers do everything incl taking things off the walls, take furniture apart, pack everything and move it. Well in Sweden they are also doing the complete unpacking.

About our departure: Kids and I are flying on Monday April 2. Lovely current company called in a BIG favor and made Mr B work on Monday. He will take the car train fr Vienna on Monday night and arrive in Sweden on Tuesday.

About leaving Austria: sad. We have spent 6 years (and two weeks) here and we have enjoyed it tremendously. People are friendly, helpful and nice and we will miss Graz a lot (well maybe not the bureaucracy). It is great that as Mr B comes from here we will always return once or twice yearly.

About Sweden: Please come visit us!

About me: Who would have known, fat screen stays but I ordered the new i-phone;)


5 Responses

  1. Can’t wait for you to get mooooving! Love you heaps.

  2. Btw, ska ni verkligen ha med er TJOCKISEN?! Hahahahhaha! Då behåller jag min ett tag också.

  3. Sköööööönt mä smärta!!! Kul m iPhone!! Sicka bra flyttgubbar!!

  4. wahnsinn die zeit vergeht soooo schnell! alles gute für den umzug!!! wir werden euch sicher besuchen … zu dritt ;D! Bussal Santi&Nicole

  5. Time flies! Good luck with the final leg of your move, good byes are sad but being back in Sweden will be lovely! Moving is always bitter sweet but you will be fine and seem to be handling it well!!

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