Graz Halbmarathon

In the middle of our moving plans, I decided to run the Grazer Halbmarathon on Sunday. I picked up my number today, and I must say I am glad this is not my first half.
There was no map of the race itself (just a long list of street name listings), and the goody bag was pretty far from being good. A Red Bull similar drink, some magnesium and a deodorant(?). No one at the pick up knew where the water stations will be and no one knew what was offered at each except for water. They did know there will be four stations at least. The start and end of the race is in a pretty non-exciting street (Herrgottwissgasse). The organization seems a bit off, but I am still excited for a race. I guess it will be a good test for my next half marathon in 6 weeks (Göteborgsvarvet), also known as the world’s largest half marathon.

The weather forecast says 19c and sunshine for Sunday. Sounds good to me! 

Pic from I love to Run

3 Responses

  1. Ska heja på dig på varvet!! Henrik ska också springa men han lär komma lååångt efter dig i mål. 🙂

  2. […] had my suspicions after picking up my number and chip, that this race was not going to be very well-organized. And I was right. It was OK before and at […]

  3. Varvet går precis nedanför vår balkong (åtminstone har det gjort det de senaste åren), ska hålla lite utkik och se om jag ser dig!

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