Media is full of Down Syndrome awareness today and that is great! But along with that comes all the comments that you can do nowadays on online articles etc. I usually skip over them as it really doe not do much good to read them. However, there is a discussion of a TV show that just aired in Sweden last week that I am following and I clicked around on articles and somehow I was stuck reading comments.

The most common comment (to me) seems to be the fact that people feel that being born with Down syndrome causes you to not live life to the fullest and therefore all babies with DS would be better off aborted. The number of actual babies aborted when diagnosed with DS in the pregnancy is scary, it is over 90%. I am for free abortions but I find it sad that a lot of times this is because the information about living with Down syndrome is far from up to date. That is one of the reasons I blog.

Another common comment is what parent would want their kid to have DS and to grow up in such a harsh world. Well, most likely not all of the DS parents wished for a child with DS. HOWEVER, once your kid is born, you love him or her regardless. In the eyes of the parents each child is the cutest, best and most perfect. That also holds true for parents to kids with Down Syndrome. I mean, what do we do with ugly kids? Would I ask you had you know your kid would be so ugly wouldn’t you have aborted him/her then?

MANY parents of kids with DS do have a rough beginning dealing with emotions as this is just not what you were expecting. Regardless if prenatal diagnoses or not. I found this floating around today and I love it. Please take 4 min of your precious life to see what parents to children with DS said about what they would tell themselves back then if they had the experience they had today:

Anyways, my point is.

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  1. Rakt i hjärtat! Normal är ett program på en tvättmaskin, klockrent!

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