Happy World Down Syndrome Day

Today is the 7th time World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated. Every year on March 21 (third month, 21st day 3-21, just like having three of chromosome 21) is celebrated. What is extra cool is that this year the UN is recognizing this day! More from that press release:

From 2012, the United Nations will invite all its Member States, relevant organisations of the UN system, international organisations, as well as civil society, including non-governmental organisations and the private sector, to observe WDSD and actively raise public awareness of Down syndrome.

This will ensure a major step forward towards our goal for WDSD to be observed and celebrated by persons with Down syndrome, their families and friends, those who live and work with them and all persons who wish to promote and ensure quality of life and human rights for all persons with Down syndrome.

Here are my local heroes:
Matching t-shirts for Kindergarten

And the back

Picture proof that people with DS are not always just ‘so happy’ and ‘delightful’. This time he was refusing to brush his teeth….

Supporting his brother

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  1. Only a bit more than a week after Down Syndrome Day, I was shocked by an Easter procession in Malta yesterday. Of all the participating children, one was visibly suffering from Down Syndrome. And guess which role they gave him to play? Have a look: http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2012/04/01/dingli-easter-procession-children/ – and be prepared to be shocked.

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