Small Things

It is the small things that counts.

Vince was invited to a birthday party today. It was at his own friends house (i.e not the kid of people we know). It was a drop off party. He has been invited to friends birthday parties before, but because of where they were I have stayed around. Today I dropped him off and returned three hours later. I was more nervous than the parents of the kid whose party it was. I told them to call me if it came to a situation they needed help with or if something happened. Their reply: what can happen? Some people are truly great. Everything had gone perfectly fine. No issues whatsoever. He was even fine with staying longer (very unusual for Vince, he likes to go home regardless of where we are). So we stayed an extra hour and chatted with other parents.

A thing that may seem so natural to others (Of course we drop him/her off at a party), for me, and total feeling of happiness and hope for a better world!


2 Responses

  1. Those tiny moments are huge!! Good for you and for Vince:)

  2. Så härligt ❤

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