Well, Oh Well

The lady that came by yesterday was apparently not the person in charge of the rules on what needs to be done before moving out. Oh well, the walls are a lot whiter now… The baby sitters comment when walking in the door yesterday was: What is missing?

Things are moving along and I am starting to really freak out that  we are moving to Sweden in TWO and a half weeks!!! Time is flying and I really do not have time for that now.

And the good byes. I have a lot of great friends and since some time mid January we have been spending every weekend saying good-bye to friends. You run into someone in the store and it turns into a Good Bye-thing. Last night was dinner with the Swedish gang and of course a big Good Bye-thing. It feels really good that as Mr B is from here (or a bit outside Graz) we will always return here a few times a year, so at least it will make it easier to see friends and family again. Still the constant Good Byes are getting harder and harder and you never really get used to it. ¨

On a brighter note I am attending a two-day conference on Yes We Can mathematical competece of People with Down Syndrome tomorrow and Friday. It is a work shop for parents to follow-up on the math project Vince has been part of. I will report back on that!


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  1. Ni är modiga, du och Bookie! Nytt land och delvis nytt språk (vi säger ju inte igelkotte här hemma vettu). Puss.

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