Covering Up Creative Kids Art

I feel efficient today.
Before 9 am I had taken the kids to daycare, gone to the doctor for a check up and arrived at the store to buy paint. After talking to my moving guru friend A ( she may have the world record in moving), I found what paint to buy that just removes the stains (read kids drawings on walls) without that you have to re-paint the whole room. €13 later I drove home with my paint.

The paint is awesome. You really can not tell that I have been painting spot wise on the walls. All rooms look a lot less colorful, but that was the point. The landlord lady is coming by in 2 hours and we will see what the reaction is. She looked a bit pale last time. Somehow one of the kids had managed to draw a rather obscene looking pattern right on the wall when you walked in. At least that one is gone now.

I also got parking spaces settled at our future home and had the electricity hooked up in time for us to arrive. So hopefully we will have  lights and warm water when arriving in Sweden. Now, time to prep for dinner with the Swedish gang.

One Response

  1. Jag blev glad när vår hyresvärd sa att vi inte behöver göra ngt på våra väggar, allt ska målas om ändå. Vi behöver inte städa heller, ännu bättre. Ses ikväll!

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